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Thursday, September 22, 2011

10 years ago.....

.... Kym and I married under a tree with all our friends around us. Casual clothes was the general idea, as we didn't care what people wore, just as long as they were there. Board shorts and thongs were aplenty. I rode my horse 'up the alter' and my brother gave me away.

It was truly a day that reflected Kym and I for who we are. Pomp, frills and general all round fakeness is not us at all. We are much more grass roots.

We have achieved so much together, and we both have more ongoing goals that we are working towards!!

I scrapped a LO some time ago about our day and keeping it real. I feel it's worth reposting it again, to celebrate our 10 years.

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Alanna said...

Congratulations Tiff, lovely page and what a lovely memory. I love hearing about simple weddings - they do indeed reflect the true personalities of the couple.

And oh my gosh, what am amazing header! Love it!