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Thursday, February 26, 2009

tunarama 2007

Due to 'For Keeps Creative Paper' upheavals (I believe that when they changed their magazine format sales dropped dramatically and the editorial team resigned. At the moment no one seems to know what is going to happen to this mag. I had my contracted LO's returned today with a note to say that 'due to unforeseen editorial issues' they wont be published.

I'm still stuck on those Prima lollipop type flowers.

This bloom came from Mel who was my forum SS Christmas 2008. Thanks Mel. The blue colours in it are perfect for this page.
This is of Annie's first helicopter ride at Tunarama 2007. Her ear muffs kept slipping off so she ended up taking them off and sticking her fingers in her ears instead.
I tried out an idea I saw in one of the magazines of a 'word cloud'. There is a web site to have a go at this. http://www.wordle.net/ Took a bit of fiddling with the printer side of it, but I got it in the end.
I was in Kmart yesterday and just for a lark I'd thought I'd try on size 10 jeans. Holy shit batman!! They fit. Was actually a bit loose around my waist but fitted my bum and legs nicely.

I have had a private goal to knock the socks off Kym's family on this weekend coming up. I was a bit beefy at Christmas time which I really didn't like. I haven't seen any of Kym's family since then and I have this long, slinky black velvet dress that I want to wear to a family function this Saturday night. So losing some weight was in order. I tried on the L (long) BD other night. Noice. That should knock their socks off. LOL. Did Kym's. te he.
anyway I will be out of office for the next few days. I'll be back blogging by Wednesday.
ps Annie finally lost a very loose crooked upper front tooth. At last. Total so far =4.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

jumped another hurdle today. (tick)

Have had doing a powerpoint display looming on me for a while for the workshop I am teaching at E2C 09 retreat. This is on in a couple of weeks.

I pulled one together a few years ago for a research topic in a Adv Dip Rural Business Management course. I think I have lost a few brain cells since then. LOL

Thank goodness I pencilled a few key points while doing the actual project as that was a good couple of months. They really helped to jog the memory.

So 32 slides later, its done.
To celebrate I went outside with a scotch and coke and had a ciggie.

Ah bliss.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

E2C08 collage

I must admit I have admired Leanne Stamatellos for a while. She uses templates a lot with her beautiful layouts.

Until Sandra asked me the other day to give her a hand with her photoshop and collages I really didn't know too much about them. So thanks Sandra, we both learnt as we went.

This collage is pics of the E2C08 retreat of which I was a team member of last year. in case u cant read it , there is a mention of precious little sleep, lots of wine, scrapping and retail therapy.

what bliss.

so thanks to Leanne for stimulating Sandra who has in turn motivated and educated little ol' me.


Monday, February 23, 2009


Due to 'For Keeps Creative Paper' upheavals (I believe that when they changed their magazine format sales dropped dramatically and the editorial team resigned.) At the moment no one seems to know what is going to happen to this mag. I had my contracted LO's returned today with a note to say that 'due to unforeseen editorial issues' they wont be published.

this one came together so easily. I have used Sandra's lollypop flower idea from her E2C blog challenge. I used glimmermist to moisten it to roll the distressed edges. I did discover that the vintage photo ink seeps when its wet. Not to worry, it went mostly on my fingers LOL. The papers are moss and eggplant in a butchers block (pad of papers) by Deja View. Lovely vintage shades. And the alphas are Heidi Swapp's World Travellers. I just inked the edges of them a bit.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

really rough

had a bit of an idea how I wanted the journaling in this one. Sort of lifted Sandra. LOL. She has started with collages and I thought I'd try it with my journaling in columns. Turned out a bit like a newspaper look.

font is Pea Alesa. (Thanks Ange)

ps please don't mind the spelling boo boos. I hope it adds a bit of character to the LO. (sort of)



I'm not sure who is playing tricks on who, but its just too cute a shot to pass up.
and yay, ribbons sorted. Laces to go. Too easy.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

bits and bobs.

the end is near
2 kgs to go.
A LO I started and thought I had finished in Lincoln last Thurs night.
In the kitchen I have a frame to pop the LO in so the rest of the family can see what's the latest one completed. Somehow it just seemed not quite done.
So I fiddled a bit more with it and now its done.

I had a special parcel in the post yesterday from Kirsty of Wicked Princess. I had been lurking her blog for a while and left a comment a while back. And wahu, I won a random comment draw.

In the parcel was some very yummy 'Wicked Princess' ribbons, and October Afternoon rubons.

Oh happy dance. I have emailed and commented on her blog to thank her very much. This is one very well followed blog. Go have a looksie.

I also received in the mail my parcel for my ribbon organisation. It was out of control. So chaotic.

It took ages to sort the ribbons into colour piles. I sat in the lounge, put the TV onto channel V and caught up on some of the latest music clips. I reckon that's the longest time I have sat in front of the box for a couple of years. I just don't watch TV.

Anyway all of a sudden it was after 1am and I only had half of the ribbons in the bags. So I have black, grey, white, cream, pink, salmon, red, maroon ribbons sorted. Filled up one bag. I do have some longer lengths of ribbon so that's what took up the room. Certainly not 200 ribbons in it that's for sure.

Now I have 2 bags of ribbons that will be sorted into colours. I had too many ribbons for 1 bag. Lucky I had ordered 4 bags. 2 for ribbons, 1 for lace and 1 for Denise. *waves*

Guess what I'm doing tonight.


Friday, February 20, 2009

CHA W 09

found this www.

amazing. lots and lots and lots and lots of reviews, how tos, sneak peaks and tours.

love it.

this is the 15 min tour of CHA W 09

I didnt have to fight the crowds, get sore feet or even lug a wheeled suit case around. (would love to tho).


Thursday, February 19, 2009

life's little moments

This was a challenge LO for E2C.
I despise my hand writing. It is just so untidy and I feel it detracts from the LO. I know all the blah blah blah about leaving a sample of it for later generations, a bit of my personality etc, etc, etc, but I still really really struggle with it.
This is my second attempt at a journal spot. I was stuck. The first one sucked. I rummaged thru my PP off cuts and found the pink and red. Suits the pic so well with Annie's PJs and Sean's Father Christmas suit.
and all of a sudden it all fitted together.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

tick list

after such a crappy week last week, things had to improve.
I have decided that my disposing of 6 kittens is just not good for my mental health.

In contrast this week (and its only Tuesday LOL is fulfilling)

Tick (big one) Tax is done. This has been looming for a while.

Tick Hunt club books audited, balanced and signed off. Yay. AGM tomorrow night.

Tick I was asked by the Hunt Club to scrap something for a member who has hunted since she was a little girl. I finally decided on printing a history book of her hunting career from Rabbit Photos. The photobook is fantastic, comparatively cheap and I had it all done in one night.

Tick Retreat Kit goodies for my workshop all here and now packed.

Tick Successful night at 5 Loaves Bakery scrapnight. I organise a casual scrap together in our local bakery once a month with a guest retailer for shopping therapy.

Tick (another big one) dont read if you're squeamish. I think we have Sean successfully toilet trained. Only took a couple of weeks. We accomplished our first N0 2s on the loo today. Well, twice actually, that why I think we have made it. Bye Bye Huggies.

Tick Annie finally pulled her own wobbly tooth today. Her 3rd one. We have been niggling this one for a little while.

Tick A LO accepted today. My first one with Sharryn. Man is she tough to please. I had a big happy dance around the house. I think Annie thinks I am deranged. shhh don't tell her the truth.

Tick Most if not all tensions and issues have resolved after last weeks emotional release. I feel as if I have a huge weight off my shoulders. And I am sleeping so much better.

Tick Am 62.5 kgs. Have lost 6.5kgs. I have revamped my wardrobe just a bit. Being such a budget minded person, I only bought 3/4 pants on special, a couple of tops on special and lucky enough my sports bras a whole one size down on special. I feel special.

Tick Kym has been wonderful.

Tick I have been able to step back a bit from my involvement with Annie's gym. By no means does she rule the roost here with decision making, but I am asking her opinion of what she would like a lot more. And I respect most of her decisions. Like this one about gym. She would rather me not be there. So that's ok, it took some negotiating with R, but having L willing to step in has been wonderful. And L will be fantastic with the kids. She is so flexible and will be able to demonstrate anything that I could. Thankyou L (you know who you are).

All I have to worry about know is my PowerPoint display for the retreat. I guess I'll learn that as I go.

father christmas....06


tax done.

not that's its hard or mind bending, just time consuming. So I put it off and off and off.

I had it half done months ago and just needed a kick in the bum to get the rest done.

So now I can do things that I want to do for the rest of the night.

Post of pics as promised of the lift from Sue-Ann Tilby's 'Along came a Spider' in SM this month.
I have submitted it and I did tell them its a lift from a LO in SM and guess what, SM picked it up. First time to crack Sharryn.
I must google Sue-Ann's name and see what comes up.

can now reveal....

Also congrats to Meredith and Amanda for their LOs in the mag too.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Miss Stella

Remember my maternity photos of Tanya.

Well little Miss Stella arrived all safe and sound. And lucky me I was able to try out some infant shots of her.

Anybody who knows me knows that I have a baby feet fetish. So there are a few of them.

Thanks Tanya very very much.
She is so beautiful.

bebe shots

stay tuned.

some oh so beatiful shots coming soon.

still woking on tax.
not long now.


tax first


bank issues have forced me to fast forward my tax job of 07/08. I have been putting this off for a while.
So when this is done I will post the lift the 2 girls have asked about. ;)

all photographed.

keep u in suspense for a day.

te he.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

on the sauce

Today was sauce day.

This year Kym and I are trying something a bit different.

Kym has a new homemade tomato sauce recipe he wanted to try out so this year we are doing his and hers batches.

ROFL his batch came to the grand total of 2 bottles.

mind you, he says this is just the test run.

It does take half the time with bugger all ingredients.

the kitchen did smell wonderful all day.

workshop sneak peek.

just to get you a bit excited.

I packed up the little goodies going into my workshop that I am teaching at Escape2Create. And wowser it took a while. LOTS of bits and pieces in those bags. And the papers aren't here yet so you will be getting more than what you are seeing here.

cant wait.



Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pre Christmas Christmas 2006

dear me. I am still in 2006. *insert roll eyes* at least as far as scrapping for Annie goes.

A bit of Basic Grey Wassail in this one and a touch of pearls as Christmas Baubles in the trees. Just to be subtle.

And thanks to Sue P for giving me the idea of putting the trees into little pots. Just perfect.

Friday, February 13, 2009

couzs and uncs or is it uncs and couzs

one from last night at Scrapworkz scrap night.
am trying out saving and uploading it as a .png file so the background around the shaped paper stays black like my blog and not white from my scanner lid.
fingers crossed

that's my Man.

He's like a little kid in a lolly shop.
So chuffed.
Well done honey. Enjoy the ride.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Boo boo come good

boo boo gone wrong come out all right. This is that LO that I had the right hand gate open across the join in the Cardstock.

I have a voucher from my MIL that covered this beaut LULU's double frame 24x12 from Leonie at Scrapworkz in Port Lincoln.or here. www.lulus.com.au/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_33&products_id=209

Kym even banged in the nail esp into the wall for me (I usually make a mess of it sometimes LOL)and is now hanging in pride of place above Annie's bed.
It has a black frame to suit the black embellies and Annie's bed frame is also black.

And yes, she is one lucky little lady. A six year old sleeping in QS bed. Talk about lush. Only downside is when we have visitors, she sleeps in Sean's spare bed in his room. She thinks of that as a bit of a treat so that's cool with her.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

it all comes at once.

am feeling under the pump a bit.
I am the Treasurer for the Hunt Club and am learning the process of being a treasurer as I go.
no major dramas yet. I thought I had everything the (very kind) bloke would need to audit the books. Except for, silly me, a financial report so he can sign it off *insert roll eyes* Am very glad that I did ask him to be nice to me when I gave him the books so he wouldn't scare me off doing the books again.
So I have done an electronic copy tonight but need to tidy it up before printing a report and getting it back to him. And the AGM is next week.

Had a rather emotional release this evening. Cant say too much as it concerns other people, but I am feeling very drained and disappointed that it has cost me so much. I really feel as if I am letting them down and leaving them in the lurch for next year. But at this stage nothing will change until after the event this year. Have had a good few tears over it tonight.

I know it all sounds so cryptic. I just don't want to pin point too much.

Kym has been WONDERFUL. So supportive. I talked this over with him last night and he fully supports me in my decision. He knew I would be upset this evening when I came home and he has been so so caring. He just took over. Tea, kids, baths, everything while I wallowed.
He is so good to me.

And while on the subject of him, Kym is one of the 5 that has been selected in the team to represent SA in the Clay Target Shooting National Comp to be held at Roma in QLD this year. He got in last year but as his weekend fell on the same weekend as the Retreat weekend that the girls and I had been planning for months and months, he decided that he wouldn't go. But he would this year, making the team or not. Big boys week off.

congrats Darlin' . Have a blast. You deserve it.

not so secret poser

(sxuse the right end of LO, a little puff of breeze pushed it back a bit as I took the shot>
this was a Double LO challenge on the E2C blog.
The gorgeous swing gates made by Twiddleybitz came from my SS, the lovely Mel (who happens to be on the Twiddleybitz designer team. ;).
I inked it black and used some of the very noice gold glimmermist on it. And on the photo corner flourishes too. I just love the very soft effect of that spray. And I hand stitched the heart.

I really wanted the little gates to stay open to read the journaling which I printed onto transparency.

But oh dear, too late. The glue was well and truly cured when I discovered that one of the gates overlaps the join of the two pieces of cardstock. Unless I either break the gate, or take one of the swinging doors off, it's staying there.

So I think I'll be looking around for one of those Kelly Lane Double LO shadow box frames. They are not cheap, but there is no way I want to take this LO and cut it down the middle.
Lots of Heidi Swapp on this one too. Coincidence. The damask PP, the heart mirrors, the ghost and glossy chip hearts, the metallic alphas,

Monday, February 9, 2009

Dear Father Christmas


now that Annie is at school I can post this LO. I didn't want to put it on during the weekend while she was home in case she saw it and wondered how I happen to have the letter she dictated while I wrote, to Father Christmas. It is supposed to be at the North Pole where she sent it after all.


Gave myself a 'white with 1' challenge. It seems to be a popular thing at the moment. There is a great challenge blog called, funnily enough http://whitewith1.blogspot.com/

So I stuck with white and red. I didn't want to detract away from Annie's letter to FC or the card that came back from the big red guy.

I have also done a Double LO challenge for the E2C blog. I will need to photograph it outside before I can post it. I'll get that done today.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

quote of the day

DS (3 yrs) looking at scrap stuff on my desk. He doesnt pronuce s's or f's very well yet.
DS "mum"
me "yeah mate"

DS "Crap Mum?"
me. trying very hard not to laugh out loud


I have been lurking Kirsty's blog for a little while, and left a comment for her last week.
And wow, I actually was not aware of a random draw that she had going, but my name (number actually) was 'number generated' along with Sonia's.

so wow, I have a Wicked Princess kit coming my way.

Thankyou Kirsty.
This is one well followed blog. I might need to do a random draw thingy one day.....

Saturday, February 7, 2009

F.C. 06

wow. Christmas 06 was so long ago. And that's where I am up to with Annie's scrapping. I am back to using photos before I had my SLR. And gee, do I notice a difference. Not to worry, I'll get thru them. At least I had Photoshop back then to play them up with.


Lots of border punching with this one - Fiskars threading water and one of their ones that embosses the paper as well as punching it at the same time.

project 365

I was reading last months CK (I'm behind on my reading atm) and came across the article of taking a photo every day for a year, hence why its called Project 365.

I found the thought of doing that a bit intimidating but I thought I would have a look at the suggestions and ideas of photo opportunities and see which ones I have done since the scrapping bug bit me.

I am very surprised that I have, to my recollection done 104 out of the 365 ideas. Bit chuffed actually.

The article is on pg 59,60 in January 2009 issues of Creating Keepsakes. Have a look for some ideas. There's plenty there.

Friday, February 6, 2009


Remember Granny Clampit from Beverly Hillbillies. Sitting in her rocking chair on the front porch with a shotgun across her knee.

Well that's who I felt like while on stakeout for the last two kitties. While I am so not happy or proud of 'disposing' of the 6 feral kittens that rocked up on my front door step 2 nights ago, at least I know it was humane. And a terrible job done while DH is away for a few days.

On a lighter note, when the heat of the day had passed and the light was soft I had Annie take some photos for me.

My favorite all time colour is purple. So when I saw these winter rain boots in Kmart I found it very hard to leave them there. So they came home with me.

They are the same shade of purple as my horse float (LOL), and the same shade of purple that is my hunt club colour, so guess what my feet will be attired in before all the hunts this season.

And whats more they have bling. Not rhinestones but gorgeous studs and a bright silver buckle.
In case you cant tell, I am in love.

So thanks Annie for taking all the shots for me. I wasn't allowed to have the camera back until she had finished. And man, is she getting fussy. I was just the assistant. LOL.

PS. thanks to the lovely ladies who emailed me after yesterday post. You know who you are. I am truly grateful for your care and consideration on what was a crappy day for me. So again, I thank you.

u crack me up

Just love this Heidi Swapp paper with this one. The hues are so subtle and so do not over power the photo. Annie is just going to love this one...not!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

great day turned to blah.

what a roller coaster day.
started off on a downer. DH left today for Adelaide to compete in the State Title clay target shooting. He's back on Monday night. I miss him already.

had 6 little kittens rock up on the front door step last night. DH thinks the mother perished down in his machinery shed. Its a bit stinky down there.

So I have 'disposed' of 4 of them. The last two are a bit elusive now. That really made me feel yuck.

Found out today of a lady who I have known for nearly 30 years had passed away. Had a bit of a cry over that.

On an up note... I hit 63 kilos today. 3 to go. I feel pretty bloody proud of myself about this. I feel pretty bloody good about myself too.

To bump me up even further. My first LO in Scrapbook Creations was published yesterday. And my first one in Creative Paper was in the shop today.

Back to blah again. Had an email disagreement with a friend. I hope we can find a resolution out of this with no damage to our friendship.

Sean asked me tonight in his little 3 year old voice, 'whats wrong Mum? you sad Mum?' He just walked up to me, pulled me down to him and squeezed me tight.

I burst into a flood of tears. Kids are so receptive. Much more than we give them credit for.

I have just come back in from hunting the other two kitty's. I just cant face it right now.

need to do the tax. so not in the mood for that. I just might have a little bit of quiet time in a glass of cold white wine instead.


can now reveal....

ohh had fun with this one. really couldnt help but not to with these shots of Sean.
He soooo loves his spag bog. Everywhere.

I found some clear dymo labelling strips and I LOVE em. I needed to dry brush a bit of colbolt blue paint behind the strip to read the journaling which says:

age old proverb by Mum

to fully appreciate good food one must immerse themselves in it.

lots of messy zig zag under the 'immerse' word.

oh and I 'borrowed' a couple of playing cards from Annie. (with her consent of course)


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

help please

I just cant decide.
this LO with the red bazzil behind the Creative Imaginations shaped PP

or without. the white background is the scanner bed.

Please let me know which one. I have lbeen looking at it for a while and now I really dont see it all (iykwim)


*edited to add*
the reds have it.
I do love it both ways too. just was unsure. but I do adore it with the red.
thanks girls.
really appreciate your input and for leaving a comment.