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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

help please

I just cant decide.
this LO with the red bazzil behind the Creative Imaginations shaped PP

or without. the white background is the scanner bed.

Please let me know which one. I have lbeen looking at it for a while and now I really dont see it all (iykwim)


*edited to add*
the reds have it.
I do love it both ways too. just was unsure. but I do adore it with the red.
thanks girls.
really appreciate your input and for leaving a comment.


sandra said...

what do you think when you've had a fresh look at it this morning?
I see what you mean though, both look fantastic... I tend to lean towards the one without.

Anonymous said...

Morning Tiff, I tend to lean towards the one with the red but both look great. Cheers, Trace

sandra said...

we're no help are we Tiff?

Anonymous said...

without :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Tiff,
I reckon go the red it makes it pop that bit more. Love it you've been busy as usual good on ya.
Cheers Cassandra. xxx

SueP said...

I agree, the red tends to make the whole LO pop out more. When i could see the edge of the LO when browsing at post above, i just had to scroll down to have a full look, it caught my eye that much.

Now be interesting to see what ya do??

maryanne r said...

my preference is with the red, it does make it stand out more, so it does catch your eye straightaway....but I also like it without for a softer effect!

maryanne r said...

oops forgot to tell you how gorgeous this LO looks.I love the colors youve used together, and the title, and again another beautiful photo.