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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

E2C08 collage

I must admit I have admired Leanne Stamatellos for a while. She uses templates a lot with her beautiful layouts.

Until Sandra asked me the other day to give her a hand with her photoshop and collages I really didn't know too much about them. So thanks Sandra, we both learnt as we went.

This collage is pics of the E2C08 retreat of which I was a team member of last year. in case u cant read it , there is a mention of precious little sleep, lots of wine, scrapping and retail therapy.

what bliss.

so thanks to Leanne for stimulating Sandra who has in turn motivated and educated little ol' me.


1 comment:

sandra said...

This looks great Tiff... already commented on the E2C blog so I won't repeat myself ;) (for once lol)
all hail Leanne and her collages and her unique style... who in turn inspired us and by the sounds of it a few more girls around her... maybe we could do a workshop??