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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

tick list

after such a crappy week last week, things had to improve.
I have decided that my disposing of 6 kittens is just not good for my mental health.

In contrast this week (and its only Tuesday LOL is fulfilling)

Tick (big one) Tax is done. This has been looming for a while.

Tick Hunt club books audited, balanced and signed off. Yay. AGM tomorrow night.

Tick I was asked by the Hunt Club to scrap something for a member who has hunted since she was a little girl. I finally decided on printing a history book of her hunting career from Rabbit Photos. The photobook is fantastic, comparatively cheap and I had it all done in one night.

Tick Retreat Kit goodies for my workshop all here and now packed.

Tick Successful night at 5 Loaves Bakery scrapnight. I organise a casual scrap together in our local bakery once a month with a guest retailer for shopping therapy.

Tick (another big one) dont read if you're squeamish. I think we have Sean successfully toilet trained. Only took a couple of weeks. We accomplished our first N0 2s on the loo today. Well, twice actually, that why I think we have made it. Bye Bye Huggies.

Tick Annie finally pulled her own wobbly tooth today. Her 3rd one. We have been niggling this one for a little while.

Tick A LO accepted today. My first one with Sharryn. Man is she tough to please. I had a big happy dance around the house. I think Annie thinks I am deranged. shhh don't tell her the truth.

Tick Most if not all tensions and issues have resolved after last weeks emotional release. I feel as if I have a huge weight off my shoulders. And I am sleeping so much better.

Tick Am 62.5 kgs. Have lost 6.5kgs. I have revamped my wardrobe just a bit. Being such a budget minded person, I only bought 3/4 pants on special, a couple of tops on special and lucky enough my sports bras a whole one size down on special. I feel special.

Tick Kym has been wonderful.

Tick I have been able to step back a bit from my involvement with Annie's gym. By no means does she rule the roost here with decision making, but I am asking her opinion of what she would like a lot more. And I respect most of her decisions. Like this one about gym. She would rather me not be there. So that's ok, it took some negotiating with R, but having L willing to step in has been wonderful. And L will be fantastic with the kids. She is so flexible and will be able to demonstrate anything that I could. Thankyou L (you know who you are).

All I have to worry about know is my PowerPoint display for the retreat. I guess I'll learn that as I go.


maryanne r said...

hi tiff, well you are in a very positive frame of mind! sound very much better.
good to see.
The LO looked pretty fantastic, the brief glimpse I did get before it was gone! well done on the acceptance.

amanda hall said...

if you need some help with the powerpoint you only need to ask.... i just never offered as i got the impression you already knew.

Glad you are feeling better.

:) Tiff said...

Thanks A. I did do one a few years ago. I like a challenge and this will be handy to refresh my memory.


sandra said...

you sound quiet pleased with yourself Tiff.... and with all those ticks you should be!
you have been a busy girl
glad you are feeling better and you sound quite rejuvinated!

Zan said...

Howdy Tiff, Zan here. Have just sent an email to you so let me know if u receive. Ta. Great blog by the way. Noice photos.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tiff, you must feel so great with your weight loss, good on you and you also must feel great to have all those ticks achieved. Regarding the lawnmowing, that's definitely something we don't have in common as my hubby's a landscaper so there's no hope for me in that domoain, but I'm ok with that cause then there's more time to scrap LOL!!!

Kirsty said...

WOOHOO! What a LOT of ticks!!!