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Sunday, February 1, 2009

slimmmmm eeeeeerrrrrrrrr

yay yay.
I had plateaued for a couple of weeks but the scales made me very happy tonight.

total kgs lost so far = 5kgs
total cms lost so far = 9cm. 5 cms of my waist alone. gotta be happy about that.
So at this stage I have averaged a kilo a week.
4kgs to go.

I was in Lincoln yesterday and found a pair of bathers out on end of season sale. haven't been in this size since before Annie.
I had a nearly embarrassing moment in the community pool Friday. I was holding Sean in the big pool and he grabbed a firm hold of my shoulder strap and I was very nearly fully exposed. Hence the new bathers. Hopefully the straps arent so loose to be pulled of my shoulders so easily.


sandra said...

wow Tiff! Well done. When you set your mind to something you really go for it. congrats!

Anonymous said...

yay for you tiff! congrats on the weightloss!! lol at the pool scenario, funny!