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Sunday, February 15, 2009

on the sauce

Today was sauce day.

This year Kym and I are trying something a bit different.

Kym has a new homemade tomato sauce recipe he wanted to try out so this year we are doing his and hers batches.

ROFL his batch came to the grand total of 2 bottles.

mind you, he says this is just the test run.

It does take half the time with bugger all ingredients.

the kitchen did smell wonderful all day.


Anonymous said...

ohh yummy!! home made sauce!!

I've not had time to visit much lately...I luuuvvvvv your new header and look!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tiff, that sauce looks soooo yummy. This is what's going to be so great about my giveaways as I'm getting to know people. I just had to reply to you and say guess what? We share more than our names, I don't iron either (have one but hubby does his own stuff), if you have to iron it, I don't buy it, he, he plus I live on 5 hours sleep per night (with 2 little ones as well) all becuase of my devotion to scrapping. I never would have known these things about you otherwise, chat soon, sweet friend, Tiff :o)

Anonymous said...

PS love that orange clock

Meredith Treloar said...

Oh you saucey chick!! Looks delicious ... must try it one day!!

Anonymous said...

oh i love love love homemade tomato sauce and relish!! Well I wasn't loving it near as much when my inlaws bought me a 10kg box of tomatoes and asked me to a) go halves in the cost and b) make it into sauce and relish for them too, and no offer to help do it!!!!!! 10 flippin kilos! I politely told them that if they ever bought me that many tomatoes (actually i think i said even a single tomato) that i'd squash it on their head! My house did smell bloody beautiful for days!