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Sunday, May 29, 2011

pichi richi

I'm not sure if I've uploaded one of these before. I had a quick squzzie through the last 3 pages of the blog and cant find them, so I thought I might not have.

This was for Scrap Therapy's Man of the Month this month which is My Mind's Eye.

 As soon as I've sorting thru the Gym Club's images I'm getting started on next Month's MAN. (Can't tell ya yet lol)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

mighty macro

With Scrap Therapy on Retreat this weekend, the forum has gone to 3 DAYS IN THERAPY- OUTPATIENTS.

As part of the Out Patients weekend the DT's have come up with a bunch of challenges.

Mine is a continuation of the Macro Challenge which is scrap that image that you nailed as your Hero Macro.

To get the girls going, this is mine.

Spider Web idea inspired by Sandra xx

Had the day Photographing our local Gym Club at the Port Lincoln Invitational today. The gymnasts had an awesome day and one of the girls won her level overall. HUGE effort!!!

I'm in the throes of sorting thru the images so each one of our competitors gets their own personalised disc, with frame by frame images of each of their routines. Believe me, with 12 Gymnasts with all their individual routines, this is a mammoth task. (over 1200 shots taken) So I'm getting my teeth stuck into it. I hope to all the discs ready for them by Gym on Tuesday.

Friday, May 27, 2011


The school had a walk-a-thon on Thursday to raise funds for seating and shelter around the school oval.

Annie developed croup the night before which usually leads to asthma, so she didn't actually get to 'walk' it. I drove around to the different check points so Annie could cheer on Sean and her class mates. And so I could grab a shot or two.

Sean and his best mate, Mr A, paired up and off they went. Thanks J for keeping an eye on Sean for me, and for letting me post a pic of the boys together.

the boys took great delight to run flat out towards me to scare me. lol. I did sit back on my butt with one of their charges lol.

another charge at the camera.

A bit puffed out afterwards.

seeding 2011

is done and dusted. And to keep my man happy, I went out to shoot him in his element!!!


3 days in Therapy - OUTPATIENTS

need something to do this weekend??? While the infamous Scrap Therapy Retreat is on this weekend in beautiful Cairns, the DT's on the forum are hosting '3 days in Therapy-OUT PATIENTS'. So get on over and have a go, you could be up for a prize. :O)

you are so very special to them

I finished this display for ScrapTherapy's April Man of the Month which was Teresa Collins. I posted it to Paige without any explanation or reason why. I just wanted her to feel the love we have for her. And when she rang, I told her in person how proud we are of her graduating as a Registered Nurse.

mwah Paige. You are so much a part of their lives as your are mine.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Scrap Therapy sneak peek

While the Therapy Retreat is on this weekend, the DT's on the forum are hosting the Out-Patients Therapy.

Just a tiny sneak of what I've come up with for that.

mucking around with digi and macro

had a bit of a play with a cool polaroid action from Coffee Shop. Love this place. All sorts of stuff you can do to  your pics. I've gone a couple of steps further by adding the stick pin and clusterd a number of 'roids together.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Macro comp @ Scrap Therapy

Reckon you can crack a good macro shot. There's a prize up for grabs @ Scrap Therapy for the best macro shot. Closes 31st May. Go on, give it a go, nothing to lose, and everything to win!!! You'll need to load it into this gallery.

There's a tutorial here to get your eye in and help you work your way around your camera.

Go get your Macro on!!!!

Ps. that's the reason for the spider's bum the other day lol

after dark

With the rain over the weekend (YAY) it was a bit too wet for the men to get back out in the paddocks to keep sowing, which gave me the chance of heading down to Camera Club last night. I hadnt planned on going to this one, as once sowing has started, I go into social lock down. My afternoons after school and evenings are spent home with the kids. With a warm wood fire going, believe me, its been no hardship!!

So I grabbed the camera bag and tripod as I left as I had plans with Laura and Ann to head out after Camera Club to get some night time shutter action.

Fertilizer ship being unloaded. Lucky enough to have the cranes still during the 97 second  exposure

The iconic silos on the foreshore looking from the wharf precinct. 126 second exposure. 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

wild and woolly today

Kym had a day off the paddock today on account of the rain. Yahooo for the rain. Perfect timing. He chose to stay home with the kids rather than they all come gallivanting around with me.

 Lucky for me.

Came across this scene on my way to Coles Point. Tranquil yet ominous. Geese flying in on the left side.

Coles Point. Rough and stormy. So awesome.

And then the sun broke thru and a big blue hole in the clouds opened up. It was glorious. With everything so damp, it really saturated the colours!!

Love this one. Love them all actually. Can't really pic the HERO shot. I'm getting too fussy lol and far to self critical.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


...was one of those filthy Northerly wind dusty days. Thank goodness it wasn't in the heat of summer as it would have been a shocking filthy day.

lots of great clouds tho  ;o)

angel...sneak peek

I've had a commission for a magazine that I've been working on over the last couple of days.

A tiny little sneak peek just for you.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day out with Ann

While my Hilux was being serviced in Lincoln today, Ann, Faye  and I headed into the National Park for a bit of Shutter Action.

And man o man, did the sky turn it on for us.

Sand dune at Wreck Beach

Wreck Beach

Wreck Beach

Wreck Beach

The Shed at Lone Pine Point

Lone Pine Point Shed

Wave action at The Mine. (got wet up to my knees for this one, boots and all, accidentally I might add)

The Mine (pano)

Monday, May 16, 2011

tumby bay sunday

the clouds broke up yesterday and the sun shone in Tumby.

Featured on WHO Adelaide in Focus


What a pleasure to have on a Monday. I am stoked. And to be the first family shot to be featured for the whole week. Man I am chuffed!!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

day out with Pete, Laura and Ann

Us girls pulled a prank on Pete when we had a day out shooting over the weekend.

We dressed up as Charlie's Angels - the 70's version. So we shot most of the day in flare jeans, polyester shirts and gorgeous horrendous  itchy wigs.

I was Jaclyn Smith, Laura was Kate Jackson and Ann was Farrah Fawcett.  And of course Pete was Charlie.

  quotes from Pete's FB wall - Shooting Landscapes with 3 women from the 70's was such an action packed fun day!!!! Tiff, Laura&Elizabeth were simply amazing and just so funny&yes the odd landscape shot was taken hahahaha:

Do you want to know how many times it took the Angels to all get off the ground, ummmm, at least 25 jumps, maybe more, it was as simple as one , two, three go hahahahahaha simple in practice hahah

This whole concept was based on Charlie Angels from the 70'80s TV programme. This was the funniest day and the laughter was non stop as we went to 5 different locations shooting as we were dressed like this. Us big kids had to much fun!!! Rock on I say

So what was their mission to complete on this day? To allow the little kid that lives within to bust out and have fun!!!! Too many people surpress the little kid within and if you allow him or her to shine through, its simply so so so much fun. If you havent tried it, well do so!!!! hahahahaha:)

I can tell you karate kicks and running through sown paddocks is not easy in heeled boots. (I was watching the other two, I had my trusty Rossi's on!)

Amongst the pranking we did have a plan for the day. We went hut hunting.

And this is my shot of the day.

happy australia day 2011

Man of the Month at Scrap Therapy is My Minds Eye and I've used the Lost and Found range on this LO.

Journaling says wear that flag with pride sweetheart. You live in the best country in the whole world.

The pink blob in the left corner is supposed to a rose with sewn petals. Next time I'll hand stitch with a thicker thread to emphasise the sewing. I've puffed it up by poking in wadding before it was completely sewn down.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Macro - how to Tutorial and challenge

I've put up a tutorial on Macro Photography with a challenge over at Scrap Therapy in the Shutter Therapy Forum Thread.

Skip over, have a read,  get out there bug chasing, and post an image of what you captured on your camera.

Dare ya!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Field trip with Pete, Laura and the CAS students.

I had the day out in the field with Pete Dobre, Laura Smith and Year 10,11 and 12 students all keen on their Photography. Laura and I were there to assist the students with their cameras, settings, advice and to take that awesome shot. Most of the time I had students driving my camera so I could explain the concept of Neutral Density Grads (google it) and other bits and pieces.

We went to Yallunda Flat, the top of one of Cabot's Hills....

to Tumby on the beach, round to Second Creek, up the hills via Koppio, onto Lisa Smith's farm, and finally finished at a car wreckers.

The kids had a blast and are so super excited to have Pete instruct them. He's been with at the school for the last week workshopping with lots of year levels.

Ann, Laura and I are heading out for a day's shoot on Saturday.   I've got a bunch of locations all lined up.... lots of lens candy lol.

This view is on the way to Tumby on the highway, and I've always wanted to catch it. This is stitched from 10 images. I think a fisheye lens will give it alot more justice!!  This is test run, I'm hoping for sunlight, a wonderful crop and impressive clouds next time.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Couldn't you just drown in those eyes!!!!!! Sean @ 3 and a bit years old for Sue's sketch on Escape2Create

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I love Mother's Day morning. It means the kids jumping in bed with me, to share in the unwrapping of the overly large, many times layered with paper, packet of Tim Tams. And the squeaky kisses so they can share in the Tim Tam Stash. And the best of all, I Tim Tam Slam mine.  I have only one hot cup of percolated coffee a year so I can suck it up thru Tim Tams. It's my slice of heaven!!

Happy Mother's Day to you.

Many thanks to Kym who willingly snaps pics of me with the kids. I'm usually behind the lens, not in front of it!!

The Scrap Therapy Forum is jumping along with this month's MAN of the MONTH. The Blog is ticking over and the Shutter Therapy threads are motoring along. There's a photographic challenge that I've put up in Mother's Day thread and today is the day to get that shot. You have a few days to post it, but you need to get the shot today being Mother's Day!!

much mwah.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day how to....

..... tutorial launch in the Scrap Therapy forum.

Basically it's YOUR Mother's Day, and you should be in front of the camera with your family, not behind the lens, missing out on documenting YOUR day.

Some of this tutorial is not relevant now being past the time where you 'set up the camera' but the rest of it is.

Head over HERE for an informative read!!!