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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

after dark

With the rain over the weekend (YAY) it was a bit too wet for the men to get back out in the paddocks to keep sowing, which gave me the chance of heading down to Camera Club last night. I hadnt planned on going to this one, as once sowing has started, I go into social lock down. My afternoons after school and evenings are spent home with the kids. With a warm wood fire going, believe me, its been no hardship!!

So I grabbed the camera bag and tripod as I left as I had plans with Laura and Ann to head out after Camera Club to get some night time shutter action.

Fertilizer ship being unloaded. Lucky enough to have the cranes still during the 97 second  exposure

The iconic silos on the foreshore looking from the wharf precinct. 126 second exposure. 

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Alanna said...

Wowee! Fab nighttime pics - looking good as always :)