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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I love Mother's Day morning. It means the kids jumping in bed with me, to share in the unwrapping of the overly large, many times layered with paper, packet of Tim Tams. And the squeaky kisses so they can share in the Tim Tam Stash. And the best of all, I Tim Tam Slam mine.  I have only one hot cup of percolated coffee a year so I can suck it up thru Tim Tams. It's my slice of heaven!!

Happy Mother's Day to you.

Many thanks to Kym who willingly snaps pics of me with the kids. I'm usually behind the lens, not in front of it!!

The Scrap Therapy Forum is jumping along with this month's MAN of the MONTH. The Blog is ticking over and the Shutter Therapy threads are motoring along. There's a photographic challenge that I've put up in Mother's Day thread and today is the day to get that shot. You have a few days to post it, but you need to get the shot today being Mother's Day!!

much mwah.

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