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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Field trip with Pete, Laura and the CAS students.

I had the day out in the field with Pete Dobre, Laura Smith and Year 10,11 and 12 students all keen on their Photography. Laura and I were there to assist the students with their cameras, settings, advice and to take that awesome shot. Most of the time I had students driving my camera so I could explain the concept of Neutral Density Grads (google it) and other bits and pieces.

We went to Yallunda Flat, the top of one of Cabot's Hills....

to Tumby on the beach, round to Second Creek, up the hills via Koppio, onto Lisa Smith's farm, and finally finished at a car wreckers.

The kids had a blast and are so super excited to have Pete instruct them. He's been with at the school for the last week workshopping with lots of year levels.

Ann, Laura and I are heading out for a day's shoot on Saturday.   I've got a bunch of locations all lined up.... lots of lens candy lol.

This view is on the way to Tumby on the highway, and I've always wanted to catch it. This is stitched from 10 images. I think a fisheye lens will give it alot more justice!!  This is test run, I'm hoping for sunlight, a wonderful crop and impressive clouds next time.

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maryanne said...

both are lovely tiff.would have been a fun day Im sure