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Sunday, May 15, 2011

day out with Pete, Laura and Ann

Us girls pulled a prank on Pete when we had a day out shooting over the weekend.

We dressed up as Charlie's Angels - the 70's version. So we shot most of the day in flare jeans, polyester shirts and gorgeous horrendous  itchy wigs.

I was Jaclyn Smith, Laura was Kate Jackson and Ann was Farrah Fawcett.  And of course Pete was Charlie.

  quotes from Pete's FB wall - Shooting Landscapes with 3 women from the 70's was such an action packed fun day!!!! Tiff, Laura&Elizabeth were simply amazing and just so funny&yes the odd landscape shot was taken hahahaha:

Do you want to know how many times it took the Angels to all get off the ground, ummmm, at least 25 jumps, maybe more, it was as simple as one , two, three go hahahahahaha simple in practice hahah

This whole concept was based on Charlie Angels from the 70'80s TV programme. This was the funniest day and the laughter was non stop as we went to 5 different locations shooting as we were dressed like this. Us big kids had to much fun!!! Rock on I say

So what was their mission to complete on this day? To allow the little kid that lives within to bust out and have fun!!!! Too many people surpress the little kid within and if you allow him or her to shine through, its simply so so so much fun. If you havent tried it, well do so!!!! hahahahaha:)

I can tell you karate kicks and running through sown paddocks is not easy in heeled boots. (I was watching the other two, I had my trusty Rossi's on!)

Amongst the pranking we did have a plan for the day. We went hut hunting.

And this is my shot of the day.


janice said...

awesome photo Tiff.....
looking forward to seeing Petes Charlies Angels shots... please make sure you share!!

amyf said...

lol who was in the bikini......

SueP said...

those shots are sooo cool, looks like ALOT of fun was had!! I love that hut, is that at Yallunda Flat?