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Monday, April 30, 2012

5 ic

Had an absolute top notch weekend at the E2C retreat. This is the 5th one the girls have run, and its my fave yet. I've a sore tummy from the belly laughs, made a bunch of new friendships (esp Mel.... waves!!!!) and created up a storm of LO's. 

Before the Retreat even opened the doors, Amy and I toasted the weekend.

The 'Shed'
(photo by Amanda Hall)

The detail for personalised memorabilia was perfect.

The Ice Frappies heart starters were exactly what I needed each morning to get the creative juices flowing. (thanks to Alison Starke - again you rok!!)

My marvellous drop of wine.   (nom. nom. nom)

Afternoon tea on Friday afternoon. Catered by Carrie.

Dessert details.

I finished up with 7 LO's done, and 2 doubles that need a little extra journaling to complete them.

Absolutely awesome to spend time with Lou again.  Love that woman.

I'll load the LO's separately under their own titles over the course of the next few days so I don't bomb you.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Perlubie Beach

During the school holidays the kids and I headed up the coast for couple of days.

I did manage to get a few photos done  :)

I had a mission in mind. 1 sunset and 2 dawn shoots. The other sunset was taken with a family photoshoot.

This is one the sunset images. And I'm proud to say that this one will be hanging on a wall up at Perlubie Beach.  :O)

That tiny little cloud cast a huge shadow across the twilight sky. Beautiful.

These were the colours in the east while the sun was setting in the west.  (Always pays to check out what's going on behind you!!)   ;o)

Dawn. Eba Island. Standing bare foot in water at 6.30am in the morning when its 6 degrees Celsius makes one's feet get bloody cold. I couldn't feel them at all when I was walking on the beach. Had to be careful when I was climbing the sand dune to catch the sun, that I didn't cut them up as I wouldn't have felt a thing.

I have a thing for sunbursts and climbing the sand dune was so worth it for this shot. With the frozen feet.

  Dawn 2nd morning. Again bare foot climbing the sand dunes. I didn't have them wet this time, but the light breeze was very chilly. My ears ached and my hands were cold. Couldn't feel the feet again.  This shot is my fave. Its the colours before dawn makes an appearance over the horizon. Love the colours.

Before the sun rises in the east, the western horizon has a huge play of pastel colours that are just magic to catch.

The 'ta-da' moment when the sun breaks over the horizon. The texture of the sand dunes are gorgeous.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

greenly/coffins with Dave.

On Easter Monday I took out an Adelaide mate I met on the Pete Dobre Kangaroo Island Photography Tour and also on the Great Ocean Road Tour.

He's enthralled with our West Coast.

Greenly was going off on that particular day.

(No I didn't wet, but it was close)

Coles Point was disappointing (small waves smashing in on them selves.) And a trip round Coffins with photography in mind.

(pics to come)

murphy's haystacks

The kids and I headed up the coast during the school holidays to visit one of Annie's friends for a couple of days on the beach. On our way back home we dropped in to view Murphy's Haystacks.

Photographer's playground. 

 And for the kids too  ;O)

Sunday, April 22, 2012


With hexagons all the rage at Winter CHA 2012, I had to get my hand in to give them a go. I've used a Creative Memories Punch that is no longer in production    :(
Scrapped for Scrap Therapy's Man of the Month. April is Prima. I've used Jack and Jill papers.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

m family.

While I was up the coast last week, I had a family ask for a photo shoot on their favourite beach.

2 kids, their parents, a surfboard, 2 sandboards, 2 quad bikes and awesome sand dunes for jumping from were all we need for so much fun.

I had a blast, and judging by their enthusiasm and smiles, they had a ball too.

More of the M Family over at Tiff Firth Photography

Monday, April 16, 2012

take a chance

I was inspired by a saying and an image I saw on Facebook. I've emulated the message and image with Annie's shot, and with Sean's I've used my own take on the photo side of things.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

LA album

One of the reasons why I blog in detail while I'm away on my trips is for the ability to copy paste the story for my scrapbooking.

 In my LA book that I've pulled together, there's 13 pages of text. All the little details of that trip, that unless I blogged it at the time, the memory fades a little and small fun details that define a trip are lost.

I collected a lot of paraphernalia for this book.  I've used a Smash album, removed the wire spine and inserted a much larger one to accomadate the bulk. And borrowed a Zutter to help me punch the holes for the extra bits and pieces for the book.  (Thanks so much Alison Starke- you are A-SUM)

I've used only the photos from my iphone in this book. They are the fun photos that I made into Polaroid's using Camera+ App. 

Annie gave me a helping hand with photographing SOME of the pages in the book.  ;O)

I'm doing a similar concept with a twist for my Grand Canyon Trip and the more formal photos with all the goodies I collected along the way.

Monday, April 9, 2012

being your mum.... sneak peek

Prima is Man(ufacturer) of the Month at Scrap Therapy.  This is a sneak of a LO I pulled together last month. I can't reveal it just yet as it's to be showcased during April for the month of Prima.

Friday, April 6, 2012

that unexpectedly natural moment

Prima is the MANufacturer of the Month at Scrap Therapy. I've a few LO's up my sleeve to reveal as this month rolls along, all with Prima products on it.

I've used Prima Strawberry Kisses - Daydream and used corrugated cardboard for this LO.