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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

another day, another card.

whipped up this one. Shhhh don't tell her. M's birthday is not yet for a couple of days. a hybrid with a bit of ink, holes punched out, ribbon and staples. and the white pen.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

e2c challenge ....first.....digi card

my first digi card with Paige having some input as well.

Kate V has turned 18 and is having a bit of a bash on Saturday night.

Paige stayed with us last night (hi chicky xx) and we have decided on Kate's pressie from both our families so we combined on making Kate a special card.

So with a bit of fiddling, actions, brushes and a lot of giggling we came up with this. Paige finished her bit last night, and I have just finished my bit.

Added a rub on seal on the back and a bit of ribbon and ta da here it is.

hope Kate doesn't lurk here before her party Sat nite


Friday, September 26, 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Easter 6.4.07

not sure about this one. sat on my desk for ages before i finally just chucked it together for the sake of getting it off my desk.
Metallic bazzil, scrapfx chipword, various versacolour inks, glimmermist, kaiser pp ( i think ), page torn from a little dictionary, paperclip, ribbons, tag, imaginisc jewels
oh well, done now. can slide it into Sean's album.

e2c 09

wow. wow. wow.
what a reaction.
we released the bookings for the Escape2Create 09 retreat yesterday morning and as of this minute we have sold 45 out of the 50 seats.

that is just amazing and a bit flattering to think it would sell this quick. I just hope that those ladies who only check their emails or the blogs only every now and then do it sooner than later or they will miss out on reserving their spot.
go to
let me know if u want in quick.

Monday, September 22, 2008


just in case u needed to know.... the details of the Scrapbooking Section for the Yallunda Flat show on Monday of the October long weekend.!!!!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

survival mode

have been a bit on the quiet side this last week to 10 days. Sean is really really suffering with his asthma. He's not too bad during the day. We can get by with 3 to 4 nebs a day, but night time has just been awful. up to 5 nebs every two hours.

I took him into the docs Friday week ago and because it was during the day, he sounded ok. Because his lungs sounded ok, they would not admit him into hospital. I reckon the Doc thinks I'm a hypochondriac and over medicate my child. That night Sean was on the neb 4 times. At that point in time Kym was away, so getting Sean into hospital became a logistical exercise as it would mean having to disturb another family to take Annie, and upset their routine. Which they have said and reassured me that is fine and not a problem. But I would much rather not have to bug anyone and ask for help. Probably my pride upon reflection.

on top of all this I have an excruciating back issue. My lower back has locked up and spasms. Been to the chiro twice and have had some relief but as soon as I stop taking the anit -inflammatories (which make me feel nauseous and give me the s**ts) I am all locked up again. Sitting is difficult, bending is damn near impossible. You ought to see my to try and get my knickers on. Because this has been ongoing for a while I am getting fairly short tempered which is so not fair to the kids or Kym.

A someone said to me, until u have had a back problem, you have no idea what it is like. By Christ she's right.

So all in all i just feel that i cant do what i would like to do or be as independent as i can like i usually am.

Just hating being me right now. My body is really letting me down in the last few months. Knee, shoulders, ear, back, bone chip off hip... the list goes on......

Off to the docs tomorrow (if i can get in) to see what can be done for me and the back. Sean and I are off to Adel to go to asthma specialists at the Pulmonary Clinic next week and i go to the Ear Nose Throat specialist about a grommet for my ear. (that's another story.)

This is not a pity post. Just let me make that clear. I just need to blow off steam and this is where i came to do it.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

u r just cheeky

this was my first play at bringing colour back into a B/W photo. I did this ages ago when i was first learning photoshop. Have a bit more finesse with it now, but i still love the pic. Esp that really cheeky look in his face. 1and half years later he still has that really cheeky look.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


another night of 5 nebs. 2 hourly from midnight plus the one he had at bedtime.
booked in to the doc's tomorrow. booked out today, see if he lasts thru the day.
poor little chap.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

my blue-eyed son

can now reveal....

Doesn't Sean's eyes get your attention straight away. Well it does for me, so I wanted to capture them in a LO. I seem to be playing with red a lot lately.

Monday, September 15, 2008


stuff me. 3rd neb since 2am. that when i went to bed. bugger all sleep. back to bed after the bus this morning. this is getting ridiculous

challenge LO for E2C

had a bit of fun with this one.
This is Annie's wardrobe. to get it all in (sort of) i took 3 shots and 'stitched' them together. Then i cropped it into a panoramic.... ie twice as tall as wide, so this is 30cm long and 15cm wide. Ish!!

I put the cropped photo onto a A4 size document in PS and fiddled with some brushes. Used the eye dropper tool to grab the pink off the bag in the bottom of the wardrobe for the text colour and 'justified' all my text (like columns in the newspapers). Flattened the layers. Open a new document in PS, 30com x 30cm. Moved the flattened LO onto the blank document and moved it around to where I wanted it.

A3 printers are so wonderful. Gives u the chance to create anything onto anything up to A3+. If u ever get the chance to get one, DO IT. Cant say enough about the freedom of it.

Printed a draft grey scale onto A3 paper to make sure everything is as it should be. Used this as my template and attached my white bazzil on it, re fed it into the printer and printed a colour copy, this time onto the bazzil. Still set up the printer for photo quality.

Had some clothing labels that were perfect for this one (think about what tags are on the new clothes and how u can use them before u chuck them in the bin.). used some heidi swapp rubons for the title and the good ol dymo with the changable font wheels. (love em) Title is 'semi organized cHaOs'

And of course a butterfly. (my signature)

ta da.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

4 nebs

3 nebs

slow down

just gone all dotty over this one. And I have stars in my eyes. Meredith gave me a pack of HS crimson chip stars tonight as a pressie and i had a use for them straight away. no mucking around with this chick ;D
I have torn a page out of a little dictionary that I picked up from a book exchange shop in Lincoln. Fits in perfectly.
still loving prima vintage blooms and leaves


thought i'd do a quick count of Seans nebuliser use tonight.
so far 2
one at bed time and another one finished 5 mins ago.
will post each time tonight.
last night was 5 nebs after 1am. little sleep for him and precious little for me. thank goodness for nana naps.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

happy birthday to me... and annie!!!

well what a non event day this will be.

Sean has asthma that I am only JUST able to manage so no go outside (GF footy and netball today), DH is away, and a couple of friends I rang up to get together with for drinkies or scrap cant. So I just post a post and hug my kids instead.
Edited at 9.30pm tonight.

Meredith dropped in with a chilled bottle of Noblio and a goodie bag late this arvo. Lovely time. Just what I needed as I was starting to mope around a bit. THANKS CHICK FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. Appreciate the good wine, cheese and company.

And Hannah has started calling me TISS. My new favourite word from her. mwah to you darling. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Posted this morning when i was a bit blue about my day:

Amanda dropped in the girls last night for the sleep over for Annie's birthday. They were so good.

Annie has her first wobbly tooth and she is so excited by it. So the cake was of a tooth. (Thanks Sandra). I cant cook a cake to save myself.

Lots of fun, giggles, dance competitions, cake, Mr Bean and whispering in bed. Annie sleeps in a queen size bed so they were all in it last night. could hear snoring by 9.30p. Was so impressed. Amanda also gave this awesome gift for my birthday. thankyou so much for taking the trouble and fitting it into your busy schedule chick. I really mean it. Its a beautiful jar of scrumy chocs and sketch los for inspiration.

How PERFECT and just for me. Thankyou for your friendship and support Amanda. You are someone I can lean on or ask for help whenever and wherever.


Also unwrapped the gift from the MIL. talk about gobsmacked. How perfect. A digital frame.

now i can display endless LO or great pics where we all sit down to eat each nite. very touched.

Friday, September 12, 2008

goodbye gpa

this was a joy to do. this was the second last time we all saw Grandpa(my Dad) before they left. Didnt see them for a year after this shot. Needless to say Sean grew a bunch while they were away.

can now reveal.....

3 or 4

just to show Maryanne 3 or 4 a day is not a lie.
I wasnt sure if Sean may be going in to hospital so I had to stock up to take em in just in case.
one of the first things i pack.

anyone going to Melbourne....


check this out. Fabo savings.

and this one.


great effor by Kaisercraft. Other manufactories should step up to match the generosity by Kaiser.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

comment on comment

sorry about the comments mess up. hopefully all fixed now....... fingers crossed.
edited by tiff again. still no go.
please email me if u r not able to comment so I know if it is or not working.
those that know me will have my addy.
thanks a bunch

edited again.
all fixed.
thanks Sandra for being my test guinea pig...errrr....post.
te he

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

oh shit

I thought I'd try to pretty up my blog.
what a disaster.
I have lost all my sidebar stuff including the clicker counter. I loved that. It was up to 3446 on the 8th September.
Now i have to start it again. Shit.
all my links.... shit
all my do das lost.... shit
I wont be stuffing around again. I even saved my template as it was but now it wont recognize itself on the blog.... shit
in case u hadn't noticed
i am SHITTED off.

more crop shots

just to add a few more to the collection.
havent touched these up at all. Straight off the camera.
Beautiful arvo. Couldnt resist.

Tissue Thief

Finished this last night. An E2C challenge (15 i think). Amanda made a beautiful card for Sean for his birth and the challenge was to lift a card and convert it to a LO

So with this in mind and limited co ordinated PP i did this. Wanted to use red to take away from the pink bed cover and highlight Sean but keep some of the floral look. As you can see it has changed a lot on its way to being finished. In fact, it now really looks nothing like the card.
ah well... rules were made to be bent a bit. will post on E2C now
The red dymo says 'caught red (little metal hand) ed.' thought that was cute.
the metal thingies on the PP strip are from a belt that Annie grew out of a long time ago. Have been hoarding these for ages. LOL

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

drama queen

been to the chiro. not as bad as first thought. thank goodness.

Between falling off 3 times (twice bucked off) during the hunt season and back issues that i already have the muscles all bunched up and decided to revolt on me. So with a couple of crunches, and digging in her thumbs hard enough to make me levitate off the table, i should free up a bit. Later than sooner.

see the chiro again on Fri.

Until then take it easy.

Hmmmm I don't think I know how to.

so after that I went to the bakery for a good stiff...... coffee.
U probably know which one I had......!!!!!!!

ps this is my 17hh 'bucking bronco' Jerry. Butter wouldn't melt in his mouth in this shot. He's so good on his own.


oh dear. i have really done it this time.
I think it started when I lifted a tin trunk to put into the ute for a photo shoot in the lupin crop yesterday.
Didnt feel anything wrong then or after for a while, but gradually as the day wore on, my lower back started having spasms.
had an arvo siesta. getting up onto the bed was a circus. And slow.
walking without holding something for when it spasms is not a good idea. I just crumble, but try not to on my knees as i cant get up.
I had to get Kym to undress me last night and help me dress this morning. Humiliating and teary.
was able to get into the chiro this morning. i suspect bulging disc. will have to see what she thinks
the big bummer is i had 2 mornings of work lined up for tomorrow and Thurs. I've had to cancel on that and I'm not happy about it. He was great tho.
can hardly swing a leg over a postie bike when i can barely walk.
more later.....

Monday, September 8, 2008

santa's shopping list

SM asked me to do something with a Christmas kit from Kaszazz. After thoughts of plan A became waaay too complicated, I went to Plan B.

And here it is in SM vol 10, no 6.

Whooo hoooo.
happy dance....happy dance....happy dance.....

ps congrats to Meredith who has her LO published in CK Sept 2008 in the Australian Gallery.
BIG BIG achievement to get into that one.

little man

Lifted this LO from Maryanne (scarysstuff)blog link on right.

Had some fun with the corrugated cardboard. Once I separated the layers I sanded back the bits stuck in the grooves of the bit I wanted to keep. Cleaned it up really well.

Discovered that if you want to machine sew on corrugated cardboard it will be much easier on your machine if u press with your thumb the area that you will sew. Even up the stitching and feeds thru the machine so much better.

Had a bit more fun with Photoshop with the journal card. printed it onto Kraft card to tie in with the cardboard and the undressed chip word.

The vintage prima bloom and the fabo leaves that I am still loving go perfectly with this LO. Dressmaking pins are for interest.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Father's Day pics

Father's Day (and Mother's Day) for us is breakfast in bed and lots of cuddles and a fair bit of mucking around.
So this morning started about 7am.

Annie and I had worked on Dad's memo cube for the last couple of weeks. She was soooo excited by it. "shhhh, don't tell Dad about his present" she said over and over and over.

Annie popped the cube and a great big card she had made at school into a bag, I grabbed the camera, and made sure that Sean was in position.

With great gusto Happy Father's Day was sung. My camera was snapping.

In the memo cube were a few Allen's snakes.... dry and tuff, just the way Kym likes them. (another annual treat for the day).

Sean now knows what a blue tongue lizard would look like. You should have heard him giggle at himself in the mirror.