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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

quick photo shoot

just a quick shoot will the light was mild today, just before lunch. Grabbed Sean, a chair and a shovel and raced out to the canola crop. He wasn't happy about it for a bit but a bit of bribery helped jolly him up.
these shots are straight off the camera. I'll have a play in PS and do a side by side comparison. That should be interesting....>


maryanne r said...

wowsers tiff, some of these are gorgeous already, so can imagine how much better after you play with them.will be interested to see them after youve fiddled!friday at your place still on???

janice said...

Hi Tiff, these photos are just gorgeous. Love the close up of Sean with the tears. The canola crops are looking beautiful at the moment - a great spot to take photos.

sandra said...

awwww at those tears!... I can almost hear him thinking... how can even THINK about taking a photo at a time like this..lol
great photos Tiff..
so for future reference ... what did you use to bribe him?

:) Tiff said...

dont laugh Sandra. Strawberries tickle is fancy. He must be on a health kick.

Rachel said...

Oh wow - I am beyond jealous, I LOVE your Canola crop photos, they're fantastic! (what I would give to take some photos there :)


sandra said...

sorry tiff

Anonymous said...

Very, very sweet photos of little Sean !
He's looking more like his Dad every day.
Well done Tiff.
I too have plans to take the kids out in the canola one day soon for a bit of a 'photo shoot' - it's such a bright and natural back drop.

:) Tiff said...

thanks for all the lovely comments chicks. Great to have some positive feedback. Took Annie out after school today, but was a bit bright. Shadows on face etc. Waiting for an overcast day now.....
PS Maryanne, the one u played with is on my desktop. I'll post it on here I reckon if that is ok?