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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Father's Day pics

Father's Day (and Mother's Day) for us is breakfast in bed and lots of cuddles and a fair bit of mucking around.
So this morning started about 7am.

Annie and I had worked on Dad's memo cube for the last couple of weeks. She was soooo excited by it. "shhhh, don't tell Dad about his present" she said over and over and over.

Annie popped the cube and a great big card she had made at school into a bag, I grabbed the camera, and made sure that Sean was in position.

With great gusto Happy Father's Day was sung. My camera was snapping.

In the memo cube were a few Allen's snakes.... dry and tuff, just the way Kym likes them. (another annual treat for the day).

Sean now knows what a blue tongue lizard would look like. You should have heard him giggle at himself in the mirror.

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