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Saturday, September 13, 2008

happy birthday to me... and annie!!!

well what a non event day this will be.

Sean has asthma that I am only JUST able to manage so no go outside (GF footy and netball today), DH is away, and a couple of friends I rang up to get together with for drinkies or scrap cant. So I just post a post and hug my kids instead.
Edited at 9.30pm tonight.

Meredith dropped in with a chilled bottle of Noblio and a goodie bag late this arvo. Lovely time. Just what I needed as I was starting to mope around a bit. THANKS CHICK FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. Appreciate the good wine, cheese and company.

And Hannah has started calling me TISS. My new favourite word from her. mwah to you darling. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Posted this morning when i was a bit blue about my day:

Amanda dropped in the girls last night for the sleep over for Annie's birthday. They were so good.

Annie has her first wobbly tooth and she is so excited by it. So the cake was of a tooth. (Thanks Sandra). I cant cook a cake to save myself.

Lots of fun, giggles, dance competitions, cake, Mr Bean and whispering in bed. Annie sleeps in a queen size bed so they were all in it last night. could hear snoring by 9.30p. Was so impressed. Amanda also gave this awesome gift for my birthday. thankyou so much for taking the trouble and fitting it into your busy schedule chick. I really mean it. Its a beautiful jar of scrumy chocs and sketch los for inspiration.

How PERFECT and just for me. Thankyou for your friendship and support Amanda. You are someone I can lean on or ask for help whenever and wherever.


Also unwrapped the gift from the MIL. talk about gobsmacked. How perfect. A digital frame.

now i can display endless LO or great pics where we all sit down to eat each nite. very touched.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tiff and Annie (are they on the actual same day?).
Some great gifts, photos, cake and the party looked like fun !
I hope little Sean gets along OK soon.
Have a nice day !

:) Tiff said...

thanks Kylie. Annie was on Thursday and I'm today.
ps it's exactly 23 years ago today I fell off a horse on my birthday (15) which was also GF footy/netball and wrecked my knee. Havent played netball since. Still fall off horses now tho.

sandra said...

OH you little bugger!
Didn't know it was your birthday!!!
Hope you have a great day... even if it is uneventful..:(
I actually asked Annie when your birthday was and she said... oh after mine... didn't realise it was RIGHT after hers!.
Great photos... love all those smiles... and what a great gift from Amanda... choccies and inspiration what more could a scrapbooking girl need??
enjoy the rest of your day... stay well Sean.

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Tiff and Annie! How special to share your own days so close together!
Almost made me cry reading your post Tiff (((((BIG HUGS))))) - hope you've had a good day and Sean's asthma hasn't got any worse. Shit of a day here today too - blowing northerly and just full of dust!
The photos are great and Annie looks so happy.
Awesome Cake Sandra!

HIME said...


just discovered your blog

Really appreciated your layouts

Hope to read you soon


HIME said...

Hi and happy birthday ;-)

I had the habit to translate my posts before my vacations but i'm a little bit lazy right now.
If you come back, you'll see that I did my work and that I translated my lastest posts (old are already translated in english) ...

Read U soon !!

maryanne said...


HIME said...

It's done ;-)

Don(t hesitate to come back and HAPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN

HIME said...


thanks for pour post -> the picture is real and there are my hands ;-) (taken in Saint Martin 4 years ago)
I didn't see your comment because i didn't receive alert when new post arrive. So sometimes I don't see them when they are on older messages. Sorry

And to answer to second question : difficult to answer. I like to surf au hasard 'on purpose ?) on "foreign" blogs. Especially through Dana's blog or canadian blogs, I found new some (by reading the comments).

Read you soon friend.

cassandra said...

Hey Tiff,
Happy Birthday for Friday sorry it was abit misrable, but to have close friends ecknowledge it as yours did was rather special. Hope Seans back on track soon and you have a terrific week this week.
Cassandra xxx