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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tissue Thief

Finished this last night. An E2C challenge (15 i think). Amanda made a beautiful card for Sean for his birth and the challenge was to lift a card and convert it to a LO

So with this in mind and limited co ordinated PP i did this. Wanted to use red to take away from the pink bed cover and highlight Sean but keep some of the floral look. As you can see it has changed a lot on its way to being finished. In fact, it now really looks nothing like the card.
ah well... rules were made to be bent a bit. will post on E2C now
The red dymo says 'caught red (little metal hand) ed.' thought that was cute.
the metal thingies on the PP strip are from a belt that Annie grew out of a long time ago. Have been hoarding these for ages. LOL

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