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Saturday, September 27, 2008

e2c challenge ....first.....digi card

my first digi card with Paige having some input as well.

Kate V has turned 18 and is having a bit of a bash on Saturday night.

Paige stayed with us last night (hi chicky xx) and we have decided on Kate's pressie from both our families so we combined on making Kate a special card.

So with a bit of fiddling, actions, brushes and a lot of giggling we came up with this. Paige finished her bit last night, and I have just finished my bit.

Added a rub on seal on the back and a bit of ribbon and ta da here it is.

hope Kate doesn't lurk here before her party Sat nite



Lisa said...

Another fabulous project - she will be stoked to receive this.

:) Tiff said...

ta Lisa and yep she was !!!!

sandra said...

Already commented on the E2C, this is fantastic Tiff. Love the photo of Kate.
A beautiful card for a beautiful girl (always had a soft spot for Kate, she comes across as a very lovely person)

maryanne r said...

looks great tiff, so much nicer than a store bought card....what was the pressie you got her?

:) Tiff said...

thanks Maryanne. we got kate a stethascope for her nursing career which she starts studying for at uni next year. and yep she loved the card. found the photo of her of FaceBook.

sandra said...

hope all goes well in the city Tiff.
hugs for you both.