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Sunday, September 21, 2008

survival mode

have been a bit on the quiet side this last week to 10 days. Sean is really really suffering with his asthma. He's not too bad during the day. We can get by with 3 to 4 nebs a day, but night time has just been awful. up to 5 nebs every two hours.

I took him into the docs Friday week ago and because it was during the day, he sounded ok. Because his lungs sounded ok, they would not admit him into hospital. I reckon the Doc thinks I'm a hypochondriac and over medicate my child. That night Sean was on the neb 4 times. At that point in time Kym was away, so getting Sean into hospital became a logistical exercise as it would mean having to disturb another family to take Annie, and upset their routine. Which they have said and reassured me that is fine and not a problem. But I would much rather not have to bug anyone and ask for help. Probably my pride upon reflection.

on top of all this I have an excruciating back issue. My lower back has locked up and spasms. Been to the chiro twice and have had some relief but as soon as I stop taking the anit -inflammatories (which make me feel nauseous and give me the s**ts) I am all locked up again. Sitting is difficult, bending is damn near impossible. You ought to see my to try and get my knickers on. Because this has been ongoing for a while I am getting fairly short tempered which is so not fair to the kids or Kym.

A someone said to me, until u have had a back problem, you have no idea what it is like. By Christ she's right.

So all in all i just feel that i cant do what i would like to do or be as independent as i can like i usually am.

Just hating being me right now. My body is really letting me down in the last few months. Knee, shoulders, ear, back, bone chip off hip... the list goes on......

Off to the docs tomorrow (if i can get in) to see what can be done for me and the back. Sean and I are off to Adel to go to asthma specialists at the Pulmonary Clinic next week and i go to the Ear Nose Throat specialist about a grommet for my ear. (that's another story.)

This is not a pity post. Just let me make that clear. I just need to blow off steam and this is where i came to do it.


sandra said...

Oh Tiff, you really have been in the wars!..So sorry to hear that things have been really shitty in your household... what with Sean and his asthma and you and your back.. no wonder you are feeling low...
This is a great place to let off steam... (I should know.. I had a self pitying post not long ago ;)
Thinking of you.. any time you need a hand let me know... (Just not with getting your knickers on... DH can have that job lol)
Always a bed here for Annie... my kids would love it too!

maryanne r said...

aw tiff, feeling for you, sent u an email, hope u make sense of it, but totally empathise with you!!!!!!!!!!!!poor sean and poor you. you must be exhausted, but I bet farmers union are doing okay out of you!!!hope Kyms back so he can take over for a bit and you can get a break!!

maryanne r said...

PS.the last LOs I did werent digi....and man I have a hell of a mess!!

Lisa said...

Oh Shit Tiff - it doesn't rain, but it pours, hey?? My heart goes out to you - you must be so stressed with Sean and everything else on top of that! Fingers crossed the specialists can help you both. And yep - it probably is your pride!! (said in a very nice way)! Friends and family like to help - you don't have to do everything yourself!(((((Hugs)))))

Angela said...

Sorry to hear that you are having to go through all that Tiff. I really hope you and Sean find some relief soon.

Leanne Stamatellos said...

Hope you and sean are on the mend soon - nothing worse than a sick child but when the mum gets sick as well it's gruesome