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Monday, September 15, 2008

challenge LO for E2C

had a bit of fun with this one.
This is Annie's wardrobe. to get it all in (sort of) i took 3 shots and 'stitched' them together. Then i cropped it into a panoramic.... ie twice as tall as wide, so this is 30cm long and 15cm wide. Ish!!

I put the cropped photo onto a A4 size document in PS and fiddled with some brushes. Used the eye dropper tool to grab the pink off the bag in the bottom of the wardrobe for the text colour and 'justified' all my text (like columns in the newspapers). Flattened the layers. Open a new document in PS, 30com x 30cm. Moved the flattened LO onto the blank document and moved it around to where I wanted it.

A3 printers are so wonderful. Gives u the chance to create anything onto anything up to A3+. If u ever get the chance to get one, DO IT. Cant say enough about the freedom of it.

Printed a draft grey scale onto A3 paper to make sure everything is as it should be. Used this as my template and attached my white bazzil on it, re fed it into the printer and printed a colour copy, this time onto the bazzil. Still set up the printer for photo quality.

Had some clothing labels that were perfect for this one (think about what tags are on the new clothes and how u can use them before u chuck them in the bin.). used some heidi swapp rubons for the title and the good ol dymo with the changable font wheels. (love em) Title is 'semi organized cHaOs'

And of course a butterfly. (my signature)

ta da.

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maryanne r said...

hi tiff, hope sean is improving, and hopefully u can both get a bit of sleep today!!asthma so sucks!!love your LO really quite funky.[your rubbing in about the A3 printer too!!]
such crappy weather today, may just get to do some scrapping....but should go and do the dishes and vaccuum first...shouldnt I?