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Sunday, April 19, 2015

eagles stuff

The United Yeelanna Footy and Netty clubs are sporting new guernseys and uniforms this year.  With a little persuasion I had the kids wearing them out in the paddock this afternoon. Sean wasn't terribly happy facing towards the sun (obviously) but I nailed the shot I was after.

Annie had a fall prior to her game yesterday and she was my first official 'patient' as a Club Sports Trainer. Kinda ironic I thought.

I've decided to do my Level 1 Sports Trainer for a number of reasons. The netballers really needed someone approachable and available and the footy boys can always do with an extra set of hands strapping up players prior to their games. It had got to the point that the netballers were seeing the footy sports trainers to get strapped up which in turn made the footy trainers extra busier than they needed to be. The fact that I strapped up three netty players yesterday reassures me that I am being useful to the club and the players. And that I am approachable and available. :)

One of them even mentioned that my strapping felt as good as the head trainers who she's always gone too. And that was after her game with it on. Whoop. That was a huge confidence boost for me as she's only ever trusted him with her ankles.

The footy trainers have taken me under their wing to gain 'on the ground' knowledge and expertise. They have such a vast wealth of knowledge that I can tap into. And the fact that they each have shaken my hand and welcomed me into the footy trainers room tells me I'm on the right track. I've done the online hours, the face to face assessment and have passed Level 1. Now I'm on track for Level 2. I need 50 hours under my belt (easy with Wednesdays and Saturdays totaled), I'm about to do Spinal Management and Advanced Strapping. I'll need to do Sport Massage and one other course before sitting the Level 2 assessment and face to face.

As I said, I'm on track.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

the red book (the other LO)

This is the other LO I referred to yesterday. Instead of a spiffy quote to fit the photo, this one tells the story of why I had Sean on the beach with a Red Book. Much more relevant. This one is for his album. The first one is for mine.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

the red book

Annie found the quote for this LO in a book that we have both read. If you find 'Inkheart' by Cornelia Funke, pick it up. Its worth the read.

I've done a second LO of this one for my album as well as his.  The other one tells the story of why he's on the beach with the red book. I'll post it later.

The 'Red' word is Bazzil foam cut with the Silhouette. The foam is thicker than the max depth of the blade so a little trimming with a knife is required after the Silhouette cut. A bit fiddly as the foam is surprisingly soft, but not difficult. Also line up the foam so it doesn't run under the white rollers. The machine doesn't like that. And also line up the foam so it doesn't go under the little black rings on the roll bar. They leave an impression in the foam.
The settings I used are

  • Blade Depth - 10 
  • Speed - 1
  • Thickness - 33
  • Double Cut

Friday, April 10, 2015

cummins golf club ladies open day 2015

I'm the reporter and photographer this year for the Cummins Golf Club for the Wednesday Ladies Competitions.
Wednesday just gone was our 2015 Open Day. To celebrate the season we started with this ...

Full report of the day on the Cummins Golf Club Facebook page.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

happiness is built for speed

I played around with Faber Castell's Whipped Spackle and Gelatos for this one. Plus a dash of Heidi Swapp here and there.

Love it long time.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

smile - fathers day 2010

Another LO completed at the recent e2c retreat. I found the quote on Pinterest but it didn't have the author's name so I unable to attribute it to anyone 

Monday, April 6, 2015

asthma sucks

Another LO completed at the recent escape2create retreat. The white bandaids from one of the girls on our table were perfect for this one.

My heart breaks when I look at this photo of my son. Those dark dark circles round his eyes tell a story all on their own. The journaling describes how we treat each round of asthma as a war. We attack it hard and fast. And sometimes we win it. When we don't we are in hospital with him. 

Right now he hasn't had an episode for nearly a year. 

Friday, April 3, 2015


Meet Max. He's our elderly guinea pig. Don't tell him tho. He still acts like a two year old. He's a happy healthy seven year man. 

He did start off with a bit of an identity crisis in his first few months. Until I learnt how to sex pigs he was Milly. Then we discovered Milly had a willy, so then he was Max.

He's a dear little thing. His hutch is outside our kitchen window. We talk to him, he chirps and sings. The peacocks take an afternoon siesta next to his hutch. He's right up there next to them on his side of the hutch. 

He's on what we call 'boost juice' or fat food so he can keep his condition on. He did drop a lot of weight fast and I wondered if his teeth were too long. I took him to the vet and she said that his teeth are ok, its probably his metabolism. He's built up some nice padding for the coming winter months. 

On any warmer days over 30 degrees during the year he does come inside to his house hutch. They don't do well in the heat. It can kill them if its hot enough. And since he's a pensioner now, we look after him more than ever.

He's been with us on our summer holidays at the beach. The apartment where we stay kindly lets us bring him along. He lives in his lawn hutch and inside on the hot days. He's even been on the beach with us.

He's such a dude and loved lots

how did they rate?

March's Kraft+ challenge is a recipe. Kraft (of course), washi tape, polka dots, cotton, 3 tags, silver and stamping. And a retro palette of colour.

Eeeeek. Stamping. My pet hate. I don't do it well. Never have and I don't believe I ever will. I did happen to pick up a Heidi Swapp stamp yesterday with this challenge in mind. I'm loving the stamp, just not my use of it.  

I've used Corrugated Kraft by Bella, Report Card Tag by 7 Gypsies and 2 Target clothing tags (silver ones under the title), on which I stamped. Silver thread on the report card tag, polka dots on the Melissa Frances paper and the washi tape across the top of the page.

Btw, that's actually silver washi on the one under the red strip. My pergola roof is a creamy yellow and that colour reflected on the silver. Same with the sequins. They are silver as well. And one large silver, one orange, one yellow (not gold) and the obvious red hearts.

The report card pulls out from under the photo to be able to read it. The Grade and Effort codes are hidden under the photo in this pic, but safe to say that Grrr = Great.   :)

The Retro Challenge palette.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

sweet stuff

MKR rokz da house here.  

That cooking program really has had both kids wanting to create culinary delights in the kitchen. So, with as little parent intervention as possible, they whizz up a main meal, a dessert or a cake.  Annie is definitely is the cake and dessert queen in this house. 

The resist embossing didn't quite work out as hoped, but that's cool, it's an effect I'll try again a different way next time.