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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

going native

The Kindy had a visit from a bunch of native animals. Sean took quite a shine to this parrot.

Unfortunately I don't know the breed of the parrot but Sean has been talking about it ever since. Oh and the snake he had around his shoulders, patting the crocodile and the wombat was a bit smelly lol. There was a funny lizard (goanna) as well.

Photo courtesy of Mrs H. Thank you.

wanted to hire...

Tiff Firth Photography is wondering if anyone locally has a lens to fit Canon longer than 300mm. I hope to be whale watching shortly and I would love to have a longer zoom if possible. Was wondering if you may consider hiring it for a day??!!

please comment here so I can contact you. Thanks heaps.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

isn't it funny...

...how you run out of bobbin thread right at the crucial moment..... NOT.

Now I'm desperate need of a spool of nylon. Anyone locally still up and have one?.... I just may need to pop in for a late night visit.

Scrapping Emergency!!


Maryanne's response to my call out for help on FB.

lmao Tiff Firth would have to be the only person I know whos crazy enough to want to drive into town at 11pm in her jammys in this freezing bloody clod weather, just for some nylon thread!!!crazy scrapbook lady

pmsl Mary. That does make me sound a tad deranged.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

pretty weeds.

I am a bit anal about my lawn, but of late, since my and Sean's gardening allergy reaction, I've let it slip a bit. So as a result my lawn is a tad untidy atm. These popped up and open overnight. They weren't there yesterday, but there they are in full bloom today. So out I went with camera on tripod and a towel for my knees (the lawn was wet) and I took this. Still yearning a macro, and I think I have found what I desire, now to save my pennies.

I have been scrapping away but nothing to show yet....

Saturday, June 26, 2010

june aussie scrap jack

I posted a comment over at Aussie ScrapJack earlier this month with a link to a couple of blogged photos that I thought worked.

To make it easier I'll just make a post with them both in one place.
I jacked Amanda's photo a couple of times

lol. its a tootise thing

Friday, June 25, 2010

Some shots from the Adelaide Zoo last week. Most of them are just snaps as we were under a bit of time pressure but I did put some thought into this one. This Flamingo was asleep and the light was perfect. I just wanted to catch the colour and detail of the feathers.

As I had said in a previous post my Panda shots were a bit disappointing. This is Funi and you can see the reflection of Annie on the glass. Could be looked as arty I guess but it sure wasn't taken that way. I really wanted a shot that showed their eyes. this was the best one for that.

Our favorite person in Adelaide.

meerkat on sentry duty. so cute. so alert.

this was taken in the morning on the way over. I love this!!!

thank you...

...Sandra Crowther. You are wonderful.

color room #12

wow wee. where did that last 3 months go. palette 12 already.

color room

Dusty Cocoa
Light Orange
Slate Grey
Definate Beige

hmmm. autumn tones. lovely.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

the last couple of days....

.... have been busy with one thing and another. I have been scrapping but I can't show it at all. Not even sneaks....sigh. I've got my pics organised for the Camera Club meeting on Monday night next week, I've started tweaking the panda shots. I'm a bit disappointed with them as that day was chilly so they were mostly inside their glassed in sound proofed enclosures. Wang Wang (the male) ambled out for very quick stroll and went back in. Funi had just gone inside when we got there. Might have something to do with the really large primary school group that left just before we got there. (could you imagine the noise??!!)

I've been prepping for my talk to the photography class which I did this morning. I was so relieved to know one of my besties son would be there. A familiar face. I think it went really well. I gave them my bio (which ended up taking most of the lesson) showed them one my clients' canvas and a photo book that was very kindly lent to me as examples and went thru a quick slide show of my images. I've been asked to come back next term so it must have all come across ok. Next time I'll do it all a bit differently so we can see more shots and hear less talk ;o)

Had a bit of a giggle last night. I helped out with the mini minis training. Basically mini minis is the young boys who are at a bit of a loose end while their older brothers are training in minis and colts and sisters are at Netball training. Some of those little chaps can really boot the ball. There was only one Dad there last night so I help out, which means I mostly ran after all the wayward footies. ;op

Annie has an extra gym training tonight to brush up her routines so she and the other girls who competed in Lincoln can show their gym group the different apparatus and the set routine on them. We have a number of kids really keen to go to Pirie for the comp coming up there but their parents aren't sure and don't know what to expect before they commit. So we thought we'd have the girl and the young chap demo their stuff. It will on next Tuesday at the Gym Hall between the first and second group taking the floor.

Been doing other stuff but it's far too boring to put here.......

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mikkara camera walk.

The camera club had a day @ Mikkara Station on Sunday.There was a plethora of photographic opportunities to be had as well as the seeing koalas there.

jonquils. I would dearly love a macro lens. (dream on baby I tell myself)

love this. so Aussie.

all that's left of a building.

beautiful light coming in thru the window. camera was hand held and the flash did not fire.

now that's where I left it.

 plenty of rocks for the stone wall fences.

tiff firth photography

I'm booked in for shoulder surgery in the beginning of August which will see me out of action for about 6 weeks. If you are thinking of scheduling your photographic appointment please let me know so we can work out a time to suit both of us. Spring sessions are filling very fast.

I hope to start back into in mid September.

leave a comment here, FaceBook or email me to arrange your time.

thank you.

Monday, June 21, 2010

soft and cuddly?????


Check out the claws on this little Aussie icon. They are rippas. And I never knew they had split heels.

If you didn't see the claws then Koalas do look rather soft and cuddly

They do camouflage well too don't they.

word of mouth

I had an amazingly uplifting email drop into my inbox last night. Totally unsolicited and unexpected. By golly, it made me feel good about myself. I don't search for justification with my photography, and I have no idea where this journey will take me, but I certainly will enjoy the ride. Having someone say something so nice is, well, just plain good for my ego.  ;oD

If I may add here, I don't and won't do wedding photography. Its just not what I want to do. I get my kicks with kids and families.

With Tania's kind permission I have popped the email here

Hi Tiff,

my name is Tania and I am Brigette Siebert's cousin who now lives in Melbourne. I have seen your photo's on Brig's FB page and of course then followed to see your other photo's and then today I saw your blog post about getting your Diploma.. I just wanted to say congratulations and yes you are a professional! I have an Advanced Diploma from PSC (Photography Studies College) in Melbourne where I studied part time for 5 years (its not far from being a Bachelor at RMIT, but just not quite) and I have to say your photo's are just as good, IF NOT BETTER, than most graduates from both PSC and RMIT.. I am telling you now that you knock them dead in the water. What you might not know in say theory or logarithms (?? yes i had to study math!), you certainly make up for in pure talent.. you have the eye and your photo's are gorgeous, don't doubt that you are a professional, you are and you can hold yourself up there with the best of them.
Keep on doing what you are doing and enjoying what you are doing. I too have a Canon 50D and am looking at getting a macro! I love macro work.. I have to scan my negs and put some macro stuff that I have done before on my page.

I have to say the one thing my teachers always taught me was to enjoy what you are doing.. many of them started out in the wedding industry to make money and in the end they hate picking up their camera and never did anything for fun anymore.. so don't make it about making money, make it about having fun and enjoying people who enjoy your photo's. I get the biggest kick out of other people (my friends and family) loving my photo's rather than making money.

I have done some weddings, assisted at professional ones, and I don't like it.. I only do them for friends now and only if they have the guts to ask me, considering they know I don't like doing them! ha ha... anyway... you have a niche market in the country, I love your family shots on the land, they are just divine and really show the family as they are.. I think you should consider entering competitions with your shots, and even the APPA's (although it cost a lot to do that, sucks! I had to do it as a student)..

Anyway I just wanted you know have some feedback from a total stranger!! ha ha, don't be freaked out too much.. we might even be related.. !

Have a great week
Cheers Tania.

winter sunshine

today was just pure magical.

Laura, her son, my kids and I went for a Camera Club walk at Mikarra Station (I'm still working on those Koala shots).

We left there mid arvo to go to the beach to catch the 'golden hour' of light for our seascape section coming up. What beautiful winter light. It was actually warm today and it was just a pleasure to be out in it.

Laura made magic with her 9 stop filter and I watched and learned a lot. I have a couple of these fading filters coming from Amazon so until they arrive I can only dream.

Of course I took some shots of the kids mucking around in that glorious light.

I have come home so motivated and enriched. Laura and I have plans afoot to really get our teeth stuck in the golden hours of light very soon.  (dawn, dusk). and with no kids. WAHU

Saturday, June 19, 2010

public speaking...

is so not my thing. I talk quickly as it is and I know I can sometimes run words into another. If I can concentrate carefully I can slow it down and articulate the words properly. I do really watch people's faces when I speak to them. If they get that furrowed look on their brow or that blank expression in their eyes, I stop, take a deep breath and say 'Let me start again". Its a conscious effort to slow down and doesn't come naturally. ( A bit like my life I guess).

So its with a bit of trepidation that I've said yes to speak to a Photography class at our local school. Their teacher invited me as a 'contempary photographer in the community'. PMSL. That sounds so bloody official doesn't it. I feel very flattered to be asked and I'm not really sure what I'll talk about yet... and I've only got to Tuesday to figure that out.

Friday, June 18, 2010

cummins show champion exhibit

My answer to the colour challenge over at E2C.This being yellow, orange, cream and grey. This was perfect colour combo for the stuff I collected from the show a couple of years ago, and it being next in my album of LOs to do. The ticket in the top left corner came out a bit orange but irl its more yellow than orange.
I've also smudged the contact details on the show book. That person is no longer Secretary and I don't have permission to broadcast it out there anyway.

I kept it pretty plain and very simple except for the corner. Yes Sandra, I quilled. (gasp). lol

remember this is your time

A LO in answer to the fabric challenge  over at e2c blog. I used 4 different types. Can you spot them all??

Journaling says: You had the best day ever at the Cummins Show. You had the biggest smile all day. And you even had a go at whip cracking. Somehow I don't think being in a dress helped with that much.

the color room #11-sun room

Tangerine Orange R- 249 G-162 B-69 HEX-f9a245

Purely Pink R- 223 G- 132 B-167 HEX-df84a7

Purely Pink R- 255 G- 255 B-255 HEX-ffffff

Fresh Green R-209 G- 228 B-120 HEX-d1e478
(the numbers are the colour codes)

I am so loving the bright fresh colours in The Color Room. It breathes spring....even tho we are in the beginning of winter here.

slippery when wet

Annie and I were on our way back from the Airport on Wednesday night when we slipped off the road. Just this side of Koppio I went through a slushy patch so I was slowing down to stop to put the Ute into 4WD, I had the clutch in to move back to second gear and we hit the next slushy patch. We went straight across the other side of the road with no traction at all. We ended up on a precarious angle off the road on the other side.

We weren't hurt at all, not even a bruise, but by cripes it gave us a jolly good fright. Bear in mind this was 6.30p at night, dark as pitch and it was raining. I was really really worried that being on such an angle it would tip over. I put it into 4WD, put it into gear, pulled on the park brake and turned off the engine.

Annie piped up "I'm OK Mum", and then burst into tears. My heart just broke. I couldn't get back to her to give her a big hug in case we rolled over. I fumbled around in the dark until I found her hand and just squeezed it with all my heart. I need a distraction for her and I thought of her DS which was somewhere in the back seat. I turned on the interior light and she found it by her feet. She started playing with that, but I could still hear a little sob now and then. Then I turned off the light to save the battery, not being sure of how long we may be there for with the hazard lights blinking away.

Now what....no mobile phone signal in that area, so I started going through 1 to 40 on the UHF channels. "Hello, hello. Can anyone hear me? I need help!" I tried it twice on each channel, so that's 80 times I repeated myself to no avail.

By this time Annie's DS battery failed and she was getting scared again. We didn't have much choice but to rug up, carefully get out, lock it and walk on the muddy road for help. I had to use the light from my phone to shine our way.

 Fortunately we were only just a few hundred metres outside Koppio so we didn't get too wet. We knocked on a door and we were very lucky enough to have caught the fella at home as he just about to leave to go out. I rang Kym at home and he bundled up Sean, who had been asleep, to come and pick us up.

Upon looking at the Ute, we decided to leave it till morning. It was cold, wet, dark and we had both the kids to think of as well. And what's more we both thought that if we tried to shift it, it would roll.

Kym went down there next morning to have a good look at it in daylight. (that's when he took the photo via his phone). We had made the right decision to leave it there. It was just too chancy to shift it without a tow truck. He also discovered some Police tape tied onto it. Someone had reported it during the night and the Port Lincoln police had travelled out to inspect it.

Our local Tow Truck driver retrieved the Hilux around lunch time and he thought it didn't look any worse for wear. I'm really surprised I didn't rip off the exhaust or something else from under the vehicle. He took it round to our local mechanics who found time in their busy day to give it an inspection and even gave it a quick wash. (There was plenty of mud underneath as you can imagine) It was then taken to our local Tyre Business and had the two rear tyres replaced. It just so happened that I was going to book in next week to get them done anyway. By 5 O'clock today, I had my vehicle back none the worse for wear.

We were so lucky. Lucky that we didn't hit any trees. So very very lucky we didn't roll over. Lucky that I was slowing down to second before we started to slide. Lucky that the fella was home when we knocked on his door. Lucky to be living in such an amazing town to have all the help we needed to get the Hilux back on the road so quickly. But most of all lucky to have and so appreciative of Kym, who didn't get cross, didn't blame or accuse. He was just glad that we were OK and still in one piece. And that the Ute was in one piece too.

If nothing else it has really enforced to Annie why we wear seat belts in a car.

No doubt all this will come up as the butt of jokes later on....but I can wear that.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

ballet shoes

I'll update about Annie's and my Adelaide trip tomorrow.....

until then a quick shot that I may use for the camera club's boots/shoes section for this month.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


This dear lady had her 90th Birthday party over the weekend. She is my Dad's Mum and my kids Great Grandmother. She is still living independently in her own home and has a wicked sense of humor.

Of course there is the traditional blowing out of the candles. And naturally all the Great Grandies added their extra wind power.

but this is my favourite. A candid shot with her sister, my Great Aunt or as she is to my kids, Great Great Aunt Verni. That's my Grandma on the left.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


all home safe and sound.

Isn't it chilly out there!!!!! I'll be processing the photos from my Grandmother's 90th Birthday today with my tootsies sitting on the little heater.

Pics to come....

Friday, June 11, 2010

questions & answers

For those people who know I make my own Baileys. This is the recipe.

600mls cream
2 x tins condensed milk
2 x tins evaporated milk
2 x teaspoons dissolved coffee
5 drops almond essence
1/2 cup chocolate topping.

Mix together in a large bow.
Add 1 bottle of scotch or brandy SLOWLY. (I use Brandy as its cheaper)

Makes approx 4 bottles.

I've always been told to use full cream ingredients but tonight I used skim everything and its just fine. A little bit thinner in consistency but just as yummy. I'll be using skim next time too.

Over the last few days I've been asked where did I study for my Diploma of Photography. I must admit I didn't include The Photography Institute as a link in that particular Blog post.

My apologies. I was remiss of that. I can thoroughly recommend it and it is well worth the $$. Its not easy but its not hard. The trickiest bit I found was to make myself sit down and read the module. If you know me, then you know that I don't sit around for very long. I get far too twitchy for that. There is another lady in our community who also has her Diploma of Photography from TPI, and I know of several other people who are on their way to achieving theirs. If you are keen then don't procrastinate. Get of your arse and make a commitment to yourself. You will be so thankful later.

Where did I get my Webster's Bloomers from?

Lee-anne from Scrap Therapy has the best customer relations that I have come across.

Nothing is too much trouble and she gets a lot of her stock direct from the States so its in her shop earlier than the wholesalers get it out and at a remarkably better price. Scrap Therapy is my first preference for my online shopping. (Hi Lee-anne *waves*). I cant find it there ATM (I think she made have sold out of it) but ring her to find out when she will have it back again. I also get her e-newsletters. That way I know when her stock lands and is on the shelf.

I think that's it. Have a fantastic family long weekend and stay safe.

light 'em up

I've done the E2C sketch challenge today. I've tipped it upside down and matted the journal block before using foam tape to place it above the PP. And have a close look at the button. Its 3D. I used some HS ghost butterflies on top of the butterflies that were already printed on the button.

Thanks to Sydney's Mum for giving me the ok to blog this LO.

the color room #10

OOhhhhhh we are back in (his room) with palette 10 this week.

Color Room
love the sketch too.

SBT UK???? Can we still get it in Oz

I'm wondering if anyone else has heard that Scrapbook Trends UK is no longer being distrubuted in Australia. Their website has been under construction for so long....so no answers there. Anyone??

Thursday, June 10, 2010

trying it on

If I may say so..... I am LOVING (yes I am shouting) Webster's Pages Bloomers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I first saw them on  Karola Witczak LOs in the Color Room and on her blog. They are beautiful. Soft, feminine and in the most gorgeous hues. And Karola's way of using them is divine. I can only aspire. BTW Karola is on the design teams for both Websters and the Color Room. (Says a fair bit about her talent doesn't it!!)

The Page Pin is a Karen Foster Design product. Very very noice.

The scroll is from Twiddleybitz that I sprayed black

Thanks to Toby's Mum for letting me post this LO with her son in it. I sure appreciate it.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm so excited....

.... Annie and I are doing a quick medical day trip to Adelaide next week and we have the entire day with

...Paige. She is picking us up, taking us to Camelot, our appointment and then we spend the arvo with these guys......

Everything is all booked, printed and set to go. I just need to remember to not forget my camera, jackets, xrays and a brolly.

And the best part is, Annie doesn't know about the Paige bit so shhhh, don't tell her. Its a surprise!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


My response to the colour and sketch challenge in The Color Room. (with a few adaptions along the way).

I have an unashamed affair with children's feet. They just 'get' me. But not adults feet, no way, big ugly flappy things they are. oh and occasionally smelly too.

Looking at it now I think its a bit much with the pearls but, they were soo noice and in the perfect colours for this one, so I just had too.

and BTW, to the parents who ordered the A4 Colour Footy Toyota Jump from me, the photos are now available for collection. I have a couple of spare copies if you have yet to order one. Just let me know.

pre stock take sale.

Who doesn't like a bargain??? I sure do!!!
Scrapworkz in Port Lincoln are having a sale on this Sunday and Monday of the long weekend. 30%-50% off selected stock and they are open from 10am to 4pm on both days.
So grab your tote and your photos and go grab those bargains.

(details are with permission from Leonie)

Monday, June 7, 2010

It's offical

My 10 months of study has culminated into my extremely happy mail in the post today.

My Diploma of Photography arrived. And it looks very official.

So does that make me a professional photographer??

Nup. Not in my mind. I'm just in for the fun of it and having a ball playing with kids along the way. And knowing how to capture a better image in the process.

just a wee bit proud of myself.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

autumn captured

Here on the farm we have very few deciduous trees to show the glory of autumn, so I took my camera with me to Lincoln today.

The council there in their wisdom (???) planted a type of tree (the name escapes me for the moment - help anyone) when they did their streetscaping of Tasman Terrace not so long ago. The trees are terrific for summer shade and very colourful in Autumn, but cripes they sure do make a mess of the place when the leaves are on the ground. I would hate to imagine all the clogged shopfront roof guttering let alone the street guttering.

 While I am far too late to catch the colour, I did catch the mess on the ground. I did have a bit of a laugh how I would have looked from a different person's POV. I was lying on the road in a car park space with my head in the gutter. LOL. A group of young male teenagers did ask a couple of questions and one of them even lifted a milkshake cup out of the way without my even asking. Sure enjoyed their enthusiasm.

With a little bit of PS magic, and lots of help from Jerry Jones textures, this is what I took.

A couple of weeks ago I captured the colour of a glory vine that was in full dress rehearsal for autumn.

Sean and I were out weeding in the garden on Friday. It was such a lovely afternoon and a good bit of weed pulling was in order. After we had finished and wash our hands we went on to do other jobs in and around the house.

After about an hour or so I noticed my eyes were really itchy (nothing unusual as I always have hay fever-every single day-) but then my lips went tingly, swollen and hot. And then my tongue was doing the same. Cripes. This has never happened before. I washed my face, brushed my teeth, gargled mouthwash and took an anti-histamine. And then I had a good look at Sean. He was the same. He had started using his top teeth to 'scratch' his lower lip and skin under his lip. It was very red and irritated. His eyes were itchy and he was hot. So I cleaned him up and dosed him too. After about 30 mins the symptoms in both of us started to recede thank goodness.

This has never happened to either of us before, and we don't have any unusual weeds or plants. And we both have weeded before without any effects like this. So laughingly I have become allergic to gardening. lol. I'll have another go tomorrow while Sean's at Kindy and monitor my reactions. Time will tell.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

K & T

All done and ready to be posted on Monday for my Grandmother's 90th scrap album.

I've smudged all the text as I don't want to be a victim of Identity Theft. The details are a very quick overview of my life with dates, places and names. Gold to would-be thievery.

Mr R.

This is what I've been up to for the last couple of days. I enjoy being around little babies so much and it is such a privilege to be able to photograph them. Their 'littleness' is so fleeting and its a pleasure to capture it for their parents to remind them just how small their baby actually was.

Thank you to Mr R's Mum. You were so relaxed and I really enjoyed spending time with you.

More for your viewing pleasure @ Tiff Firth Photography