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Monday, June 21, 2010

word of mouth

I had an amazingly uplifting email drop into my inbox last night. Totally unsolicited and unexpected. By golly, it made me feel good about myself. I don't search for justification with my photography, and I have no idea where this journey will take me, but I certainly will enjoy the ride. Having someone say something so nice is, well, just plain good for my ego.  ;oD

If I may add here, I don't and won't do wedding photography. Its just not what I want to do. I get my kicks with kids and families.

With Tania's kind permission I have popped the email here

Hi Tiff,

my name is Tania and I am Brigette Siebert's cousin who now lives in Melbourne. I have seen your photo's on Brig's FB page and of course then followed to see your other photo's and then today I saw your blog post about getting your Diploma.. I just wanted to say congratulations and yes you are a professional! I have an Advanced Diploma from PSC (Photography Studies College) in Melbourne where I studied part time for 5 years (its not far from being a Bachelor at RMIT, but just not quite) and I have to say your photo's are just as good, IF NOT BETTER, than most graduates from both PSC and RMIT.. I am telling you now that you knock them dead in the water. What you might not know in say theory or logarithms (?? yes i had to study math!), you certainly make up for in pure talent.. you have the eye and your photo's are gorgeous, don't doubt that you are a professional, you are and you can hold yourself up there with the best of them.
Keep on doing what you are doing and enjoying what you are doing. I too have a Canon 50D and am looking at getting a macro! I love macro work.. I have to scan my negs and put some macro stuff that I have done before on my page.

I have to say the one thing my teachers always taught me was to enjoy what you are doing.. many of them started out in the wedding industry to make money and in the end they hate picking up their camera and never did anything for fun anymore.. so don't make it about making money, make it about having fun and enjoying people who enjoy your photo's. I get the biggest kick out of other people (my friends and family) loving my photo's rather than making money.

I have done some weddings, assisted at professional ones, and I don't like it.. I only do them for friends now and only if they have the guts to ask me, considering they know I don't like doing them! ha ha... anyway... you have a niche market in the country, I love your family shots on the land, they are just divine and really show the family as they are.. I think you should consider entering competitions with your shots, and even the APPA's (although it cost a lot to do that, sucks! I had to do it as a student)..

Anyway I just wanted you know have some feedback from a total stranger!! ha ha, don't be freaked out too much.. we might even be related.. !

Have a great week
Cheers Tania.


miasmummy said...

You should be proud Tiff, you ARE a great photographer!!! So nice to get such lovely feedback!xx

Anonymous said...

Tiff what a wonderful e-mail to receive, but you know what, I'm not surprised at all! I think we all agree that you are a great photographer, you really do have an eye for a great shot, and best of all, you really love it. Anyone could have seen that yesterday at Mikkara! So glad you're getting some awesome, well deserved feedback :-) Laura x

Kirsty said...

I agree with everything! You are amazing!!!