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Sunday, June 27, 2010

pretty weeds.

I am a bit anal about my lawn, but of late, since my and Sean's gardening allergy reaction, I've let it slip a bit. So as a result my lawn is a tad untidy atm. These popped up and open overnight. They weren't there yesterday, but there they are in full bloom today. So out I went with camera on tripod and a towel for my knees (the lawn was wet) and I took this. Still yearning a macro, and I think I have found what I desire, now to save my pennies.

I have been scrapping away but nothing to show yet....


Anonymous said...

very pretty.. are you sure they are weeds?? they look like jonquils to me, a type of daffodil... our jonquils are up already.. :)

Tania in Melbourne

:) Tiff said...

yep. they are jonquils. and to me in my lawn where I dont want them makes them a weed. A very pretty and aromatic one but a weed none the less.

sandra said...

wish my weeds looked this pretty