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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

going native

The Kindy had a visit from a bunch of native animals. Sean took quite a shine to this parrot.

Unfortunately I don't know the breed of the parrot but Sean has been talking about it ever since. Oh and the snake he had around his shoulders, patting the crocodile and the wombat was a bit smelly lol. There was a funny lizard (goanna) as well.

Photo courtesy of Mrs H. Thank you.


sandra said...

Oh look at that smile!!
He looks so pleased with himself!!

maryanne r said...

braver than me
I dont trust birds....never know when theyll bite!
I remember when we were kids mum always had a pet cocky or budgie, but this one cocky used to bite my feet , the horrid thing, I think it knew I was scared of it!

Judy said...

The children were a lot braver than me! I know the snake was a 'safe' snake, but it still looked menancing.I am looking forward to seeing your scrapbooking of the photos.