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Saturday, June 19, 2010

public speaking...

is so not my thing. I talk quickly as it is and I know I can sometimes run words into another. If I can concentrate carefully I can slow it down and articulate the words properly. I do really watch people's faces when I speak to them. If they get that furrowed look on their brow or that blank expression in their eyes, I stop, take a deep breath and say 'Let me start again". Its a conscious effort to slow down and doesn't come naturally. ( A bit like my life I guess).

So its with a bit of trepidation that I've said yes to speak to a Photography class at our local school. Their teacher invited me as a 'contempary photographer in the community'. PMSL. That sounds so bloody official doesn't it. I feel very flattered to be asked and I'm not really sure what I'll talk about yet... and I've only got to Tuesday to figure that out.


Melanie said...

tiff one thing i have learned is the K.I.S.S method with speaking = a few jokes here and there aimed at the level of the audience and don'tlet it drag on :) Congrats and enjoy it :)
your work speaks for itself :)xx mel

:) Tiff said...

ahh Mel. you are too kind. thank you. will be defiently keeping KISS as possible. lol.