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Monday, June 21, 2010

winter sunshine

today was just pure magical.

Laura, her son, my kids and I went for a Camera Club walk at Mikarra Station (I'm still working on those Koala shots).

We left there mid arvo to go to the beach to catch the 'golden hour' of light for our seascape section coming up. What beautiful winter light. It was actually warm today and it was just a pleasure to be out in it.

Laura made magic with her 9 stop filter and I watched and learned a lot. I have a couple of these fading filters coming from Amazon so until they arrive I can only dream.

Of course I took some shots of the kids mucking around in that glorious light.

I have come home so motivated and enriched. Laura and I have plans afoot to really get our teeth stuck in the golden hours of light very soon.  (dawn, dusk). and with no kids. WAHU

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miasmummy said...

Before kids, when I used to live in Lincoln, one of my favourite things to do when hubby worked nights was to hop in my car and drive around at dusk, looking for intersting things to shoot! My favourite is a pelican gliding across the bay and the light reflecting in the water in just gorgeous! Pinks, purples, blues, all glistening! You go girl! x