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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

whoo hoo

I've had a LO accepted by SM.

So with a bit of playing in CS3 I have made myself a Removed for Publication banner.

I'm starting to feel like I'm achieving something for my scrapping besides self gratification. And it feels fantastic.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

kicking back

I'm on a scrapping roll. Started and finished this one tonight as well as No.9
The white marks on the PP where made by rubbing sandpaper on the PP while I had it against a stone wall. Easy grunge!!!!!
Will let the Aunts know they are on the blog. We'll see if they comment.

Monday, July 28, 2008

No. 9

I've had this one in my head for a little while and it came together exactly as I had visualized it. Unusual for me as most LO's change a lot on the way.
I printed directly onto the Kraft card for the journaling and the stippling brush on the top right hand side was done using the three dominant colours of the photos. These being red, blue, green. In Photoshop I used the eyedropper to sample each colour in the shots so they would be exact shades when printed.
To get the dark edges around the id card you go to Filter/Distort/Lens Correction. Make sure the background or background copy layer is active. Your pic will show with a grid on it. Set the vignette to 75 and the midpoint to 75. OK. Have a play with different numbers

Very intense when up to 100 and 60ish.

I use this lens Correction on nearly every shot now. Centres the eye to the photo and gives it drama.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rambler Christmas Tree

This will be the last LO of Annie for a while as far as I know. I'm about to start a run on Sean to catch up with his photos. So I dare say my scrap style as such will change again.
The dymo above Annie on the left says : just how gorgeous are those ringlets.
And they are just divine. Her hair has grown since then and those ringlets are still there on the ends. I dare not get 4 inches cut off as her hair is straight above them. I know I am delaying the inevitable, but I would like Annie to hang on to her long locks for as long as she will let me.

Friday, July 25, 2008

cheeky buddies

Loved pulling this one together. The PP is BG euphoria with Bazzil bling card stock. The colour combo worked well with this one. The butterfly was a pressie from Meredith from her Melbourne trip. (LOL M, thankyou.)
I embossed it with a couple of powders and sprinkled some glitter powder on top. Niicccceeeee.

The photos are in the backyard of Luci and Jazz's home in Adelaide after going to the magic cave.

domestic goddess (not)

I finished this LO last night in Lincoln. This is my hopes and dreams for Annie.

I have so many hopes and dreams for you. Being a domestic goddess is certainly not one of them. Live your life as you want it Annie!!!! Don’t let anyone tell you what to do. Live your dreams, don’t let them be just dreams. I hope you are an individual and not a sheep who just follows the crowd. Above all love life. You only get one shot at it so do it well.

Gosh I love her.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Have had a refiddle with this LO and added butterflies to it. So this is the tweaked version. The kids and I ripped over to Tumby on a hot November day to cool off. Pagie took Annie out on the sandbar to collect stuff. These are some of the treasures they found. Annie was rather fascinated by the jelly thing as it wobbled so much and it was so see thru.There are a couple of shadows from the pins when I scanned it. They are not there IRL.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

who's who.

This was fun. And I printed my own photos for this one. I normally don't print mine as I get them done at Rabbit in Lincoln, but I'm not there this week when they are open. The quality paper is not the same but it will do.

This was a challenge from e2c blog that I had set. Still loving the orange thing (previous challenge). The idea is to get fellow bloggers to work out who is who. It's either Annie or Sean. You guess..... I'll let u know later.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Christmas in July

Hiya. Have done a submission call LO for SBM. Also appropriate for Christmas in July. Fingers crossed.

Friday, July 18, 2008

She Loved it

Pheww. Thank goodness.
Paige LOVED the 18th book. In fact it was so much more than she expected. I guess when it is made with love, then the love radiates from it, and I did love doing this for her so much. She had her family dinner tonight and she invited us as part of her family. Makes me all gooey inside.
Lots of laughs with the 'extended' family and lots of photos on Paige's lovely new digital camera. Pink (of course) Fuji. Dinky little thing with oh so many features.
LOL Paige.


can now reveal...

Have noticed green sneaking its way into my LO's lately. Not my usual choice of colour. Perhaps I am going environmental. Probably more like the colours in Annie's summer clothes.
Sean's expression is so cute and Annie had the most amazing ringlets in her hair.
I traced around the ghost heart a couple of times and used stazon red ink on the edge of it to give it a bit of a lift. {Idea lifted from Sue P. Thanks Sue ;) }

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Don't they have the damnest timing. Annie's turn for a hospital visit tonight. I have their number on speed dial. Had to get crook after hours (don't they always, but at least not on a Friday for a change). Anyway she has tonsillitis. First time ever. So a quiet day in tomorrow, might get some scrapping done. But probably not as the BAS is looming and I haven't done last months reconcile yet (eek). But not to despair as I will be in Lincoln tomorrow night to scrap and Trish will meet me there. Yay.
So Sean is on the mend, (PS check Lincoln Times for Thursday 17th edition), and Annie will get there.
I just don't have time to get crook and I reckon the power of positive thought will be my shield against the bugs out there. Nearly sounds profound doesn't it.
Cheers to all.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Paige.

Paige is 18 on the 18th of July. I had been wondering what to make for her as she is so special to me. Lo and behold Paige provided the answer for me. She and I went to Lincoln Thursday nite week ago to scrap at Scrapworkz, and she saw the Kaiser wooden 18th birthday mini album. Perfect. I had her pick out the papers and rustle thru my stash for ribbons and lace. I added a few other bits and bobs. The idea behind the transparent page was to leave plenty of room for Paige's family and friends to write in it at her 2 parties that she is having.
And so here it is..... sneak peak (luckily I have already shown Paige first, but I have tweaked it since then.). The lighting is not the greatest, forgive me.
This one was a joy to do..... Love you Paige. Always will.


Haven't posted for a few days and I feel bad about it. Busy week. Sean in hospital on Saturday with Asthma, night of hell for him last night, will be there today and tonight as well. Hopefully should be out tomorrow.
I didn't hunt yesterday but went to watch so I could get to Sean and relive Kym of his shift quickly. It was a bit breezy to start but it died out and was lovely. Should have hunted. Just not the same in a car.
I have nearly finished my Paige project and will post some shots of it when done (tomorrow hopefully)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I know I double up on LO's from the E2C blog but now that I have caught up on the challenges I will get some done for me. Ha Ha. Next project is Paige's 18th Book. She picked all the bits for it and I just need to pull it together. Will post when done. Soon I promise.
Meanwhile this is a LO for my significant other.
Journalling says
.is my beloved .is the father of my children .frustrates me .still makes me all gooey inside .is a bloody hard worker to provide for our family .is stubborn .supports my scrapping habit but still loves me .doesnt go fishing or crabbing enough .is a talented clay target shooter

challenge entry

finally got to Lincoln to get photos done plus a host of jobs to do. The kids were fantastic. I am so very lucky. They didn't get cranky or cross so I didn't either. LOL
anyway the E2C double challenge was slapped together quick time for me.
I'll post each pic separately so you can actually see Annie and I in the crowd in the bottom pic.

Can u see us. Just there in the circle that I marked. Click on the pic and give it a sec and you'll see an enlarged version on your screen.

I haven't embellished as it is busy enough for the eye as it is.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

a hunting we will go.

hiya. just got home and through the shower after my hunt today.

We were at Pankala near Cowell. The jumps you see along the highway, well its that one. 2 hours to drive there, 2 hours home. Long day.

GREAAAT hunt. Small field but lots of fun. Jerry (the horse) 17hands tall btw, put in this tremendous buck while we were cantering. Not just a pig root, a real bloody buck. I stayed in the saddle but the ground was a long way way away for a bit. Little shit. I'm told his hind feet were way higher than his rump. Anyway I need a slug of port from the hip flask after that.

By the end of the hunt all horses are a bit puffed so I swapped with Claire who was riding a 11 hand Coffin Bay Pony and put her on Jerry. She fell in love with Jerry's trot which is so long in stride compared to her little steed. Her little bloke felt like a typewriter going flat out. It was just easier to keep my butt in the saddle when he trotted rather than try to rise with his stride.

Am bit puffed to scrap tonight, but you never know I may change my mind yet. I better go and have some tea.

mirror, mirror

This was a fun one. Took a while to find enough R's (6) in the same font in Thickers, but managed to have just enough. Also have played with Glimmer Mist on all the blooms and on the tag. NICE. Very delicate detail to pretty it up. Also used a glitter Making Memories brad which suited perfectly.
Very clean non fussy LO.

Gosh her hair has grown in a couple of years. Touches the top of her butt now, when wet and combed straight.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


LOL Mary. this weekend is housework and bookwork for the accountant (fix up some errors for the whole of last financial year). yikes. I think I have most of that in hand now. Housework has been very sad for a little while and have been giving it an bit of a nudge each day. Nearly looking respectable now. Hunting tomorrow. Looks like the weather will be setting in Sun or Mon. Indoors day to scrap. Yee Haa. Mon hopefully so I dont get blown of the horse on Sun.
Cheers to you.

1 table left for Friday night at 5 loaves. Mary, u haven't booked in yet??!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

A3 Printer.

How did I cope before?? Opens up a whole new world with Photoshop Brushes.
I can journal straight onto the page and add a brush or two or a few.
Titles - any font, any size, any colour, a snap.
12x12 is about 1/2 inch narrower than A3. Can get A3+ paper. May have to look at that.

But I need to practise a bit.

In my excitement I forgot to change from my template mode which is draft print in grey scale on the A3 paper to the colour version when printing the title and brush at the bottom on the LO. Shit. Grey. So I reprinted it in the original blue colour but could really see the colour difference from where I cancelled the template mode. In hindsight I should have left the grey scale finish printing. I had removed my LO from the A3 paper template before I stopped to think. Shit again. I tried to line it up and print the title and brush in black to cover my boo boo. Double shit. It didn't line up. Oh well. Now there's the blue to co-ordinate and give interest to the black.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

tub bubs

Loving the transparent page at the moment.
Cody and Toby are our neighbours and come over often for play and tea. They usually drag their Mum along too. ;) Cheers Kathy.
Couldn't resist these bubbles on this layout as they are transparent too. The rub on is a basic grey one and a bit of stitching on the left to co-ordinate finishes it off.