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Sunday, July 6, 2008

a hunting we will go.

hiya. just got home and through the shower after my hunt today.

We were at Pankala near Cowell. The jumps you see along the highway, well its that one. 2 hours to drive there, 2 hours home. Long day.

GREAAAT hunt. Small field but lots of fun. Jerry (the horse) 17hands tall btw, put in this tremendous buck while we were cantering. Not just a pig root, a real bloody buck. I stayed in the saddle but the ground was a long way way away for a bit. Little shit. I'm told his hind feet were way higher than his rump. Anyway I need a slug of port from the hip flask after that.

By the end of the hunt all horses are a bit puffed so I swapped with Claire who was riding a 11 hand Coffin Bay Pony and put her on Jerry. She fell in love with Jerry's trot which is so long in stride compared to her little steed. Her little bloke felt like a typewriter going flat out. It was just easier to keep my butt in the saddle when he trotted rather than try to rise with his stride.

Am bit puffed to scrap tonight, but you never know I may change my mind yet. I better go and have some tea.

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marynne said...

hi tiff, does sound as if you have had a big day! think scrapbooking mite be little safer hey??
anyway quite proud of myself as I managed to use your tips for printing the font straight onto a journal tag!yay I managed to do it so cheers for that!havnt ever worried about it before as just seemed too fiddly!so there you go"you can teach an old "chook" new tricks"!LOL[still dreaming bout the A4}