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Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I know I double up on LO's from the E2C blog but now that I have caught up on the challenges I will get some done for me. Ha Ha. Next project is Paige's 18th Book. She picked all the bits for it and I just need to pull it together. Will post when done. Soon I promise.
Meanwhile this is a LO for my significant other.
Journalling says
.is my beloved .is the father of my children .frustrates me .still makes me all gooey inside .is a bloody hard worker to provide for our family .is stubborn .supports my scrapping habit but still loves me .doesnt go fishing or crabbing enough .is a talented clay target shooter

1 comment:

sandra said...

Hi Tiff
Loving all your work lately.
Went in to see Leonie today and saw a lot of your work irl
they look fantastic!
Rather disappointed I couldn't make it to 5 loaves tonight... Garry came home at about 10:30
just a little too late for me to go out and start socializing!
So I stayed home ... and scrapped.. and I actually finished my challenge page!...In ONE night!
Can't wait to see what you worked on tonight.