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Friday, July 18, 2008

She Loved it

Pheww. Thank goodness.
Paige LOVED the 18th book. In fact it was so much more than she expected. I guess when it is made with love, then the love radiates from it, and I did love doing this for her so much. She had her family dinner tonight and she invited us as part of her family. Makes me all gooey inside.
Lots of laughs with the 'extended' family and lots of photos on Paige's lovely new digital camera. Pink (of course) Fuji. Dinky little thing with oh so many features.
LOL Paige.

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Anonymous said...

Im still loving the camera and have had so many comments from all my new mates at Uni hall on the signature book u made for me. Its awesum. that piccy i took of u and the book? its in one of my new photo frames. Love ya heaps, thanks for coming. Paige xXx