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Friday, July 4, 2008

A3 Printer.

How did I cope before?? Opens up a whole new world with Photoshop Brushes.
I can journal straight onto the page and add a brush or two or a few.
Titles - any font, any size, any colour, a snap.
12x12 is about 1/2 inch narrower than A3. Can get A3+ paper. May have to look at that.

But I need to practise a bit.

In my excitement I forgot to change from my template mode which is draft print in grey scale on the A3 paper to the colour version when printing the title and brush at the bottom on the LO. Shit. Grey. So I reprinted it in the original blue colour but could really see the colour difference from where I cancelled the template mode. In hindsight I should have left the grey scale finish printing. I had removed my LO from the A3 paper template before I stopped to think. Shit again. I tried to line it up and print the title and brush in black to cover my boo boo. Double shit. It didn't line up. Oh well. Now there's the blue to co-ordinate and give interest to the black.


sandra said...

how COOL is that!
Honestly Tiff if you didn't mention the 'boo boos' I wouldn't of been any the wiser!
I can see why you are so excited, the possiblilies are endless!
great journalling,
chaff cutter... love it! lol

maryanne said...

bloody hell tiff, your just making us all bloody jealous!!!well me anyway!!sounds great, very envious, maybe I would utilise photoshop a bit more if I had an A3?, that would be a good reason to get one wouldnt it?mmm keep dreaming!well the lo looks fantastic, and wouldnt have noticed it was a boo boo, it actually looks really good,like you have shadowed it or something,anyway I think your stuff up was a good thing!well Im sure I know what you will be doing all weekend!

SueP said...

Great Tiff, you are gonna go stir crazy now!! - well, we all are with envy that is for sure!! I just gotta work out how to figure this damn photo-shop out for a start!! To get a flourish onto a page would be an achievement!!

Looking forward to seeing all your digi pages now!!