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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

who's who.

This was fun. And I printed my own photos for this one. I normally don't print mine as I get them done at Rabbit in Lincoln, but I'm not there this week when they are open. The quality paper is not the same but it will do.

This was a challenge from e2c blog that I had set. Still loving the orange thing (previous challenge). The idea is to get fellow bloggers to work out who is who. It's either Annie or Sean. You guess..... I'll let u know later.

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Anonymous said...

Hehe, they do look similar hey tiff. As their "big sister/second mum" im gunna say that Sean is at the top and Annie at the bottom. I love you all. Missing you heaps. Moved into my new room at Uni hall, its heaps awesum here. Hope to catch up with you soon. *HUGS* Paige xXx