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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tatum and her Fine Line

Did we have the most awesome shoot or what. My good friend and fellow Hunter, Tatum wanted some shots done of her beloved Fine Line. So with them living near the beach, it was the perfect backdrop one could ask for. And did we have it lucky with the weather. Cloudy with the odd burst of sunshine. I reckon it was the warmest day we have had in the last month.

So without any further ado..... ta da. Enjoy Tatum. *wink* and we both had lots of fun.

Monday, June 29, 2009


with fingers crossed.
I'm hoping to have a photo session on Monday (today now I guess as its way after midnight) with a chick, her horse, the beach and hopefully nice weather.

hope the weather man is right.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

82 5 2 + 60 = 149

Journaling says: Great Grandpa Noble was 82, Annie was 5 and Sean was very nearly 2. All up that comes to a total of 89 years of living between the 3 of you.If I add in the fact that we were all at Tumby Bay for Granny Smart’s 60th, that makes it 149 years.1.12.2007
One way of using up a bunch of numerals.

he she we

I've been asked to create a LO based on this sketch by Carol-Lea Morgan for a Scrapbook Creations Issue

As I really cant show the LO here for a while, I thought I'd tease you a bit.

can now reveal after publication in Scrapbook Creations Iss 72.

Now I have a dilema. Does anyone have any spare pizza boxes that I may borrow pretty please??

Friday, June 26, 2009


How is that the kids can lose one boot and one shoe? I went outside this morning before the school bus run to check out the size of the 'billabong' puddles in our house yard. We had a good rain last night and it really showed. Water everywhere.

At one point the gutters must have overflowed and the kids shoes were soaked. Luckily I was able to dry them fairly quickly in front of the fire so they didnt get soggy socks when putting them on. And that's when I discovered the missing footwear

I went out this arvo and searched under the bushes, dragged a rake thru the puddles, poked around in every spot I could think of, and still cant find them. I think the peacocks have hid them or a sneaky fox has swiped them during the night.


Just got home from my Scrapnite in Lincoln at Scrapworkz. Leonie opens shop every Thursday night from 7pm to about 11ish.

Did this one tonight and have made a start on a couple of others.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

happy place

My 5th and final SHE challenge at E2C. So many of the Kobi Yamada quotes suited my LO's this last month. So the challenge was perfect timing.

Quote for this one is: She said goodbye to unhealthy relationships. Celebrate her happiness.

Journaling says: My Mum has finally found her happy place. It’s with her Grandchildren. Photo taken at Granny’s 60th Birthday on the beach at Tumby Bay. 1.12.2007.

A couple digi elements here: Ronnah Farrer Inked Edges overlay and a Fresh Foliage Rose which I used as a watermark.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

your future awaits you

what do you do when its cold, wet, bloody windy and even the odd thunder clap outside?? You scrap of course

Sunday, June 21, 2009

boys will be boys

just have a look at how much fun Sean had today while I was away Hunting. Kym took this pic with his phone camera. I am so glad that Kym thought to do this and send it to my phone. By the time I got home, the 'evidence' was all washed off (except in the ears lol)


A Hunting we will go, A Hunting we will go, Hi Ho a Derry O, A Hunting we will Go.

Friday, June 19, 2009



Another 'she' challenge LO for e2c blog.

A very big Thanks to Maryanne for taking this fantastic pic of me hiding behind the camera. lol

I've wanted to scrap a LO to explain my recent venture in photography so when I lose my marbles done the track, hopefully this will jog a memory cell or two.


have a fantastic weekend. I am hunting on Sunday. wahu. and not on Jerry (my horse). double wahu.


by the sea...

A similar LO to Sean's that I did the other day. heaps of dimensional magic on the beachy shapes.

Journaling says. you look so much older than 5...tumby bay.

that pic was taken 18 months ago and she looks just the same now, except just a bit longer hair.

I just love this pic of her.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


What a morning. Not much could top it.

I had the most fun photo shoot with Miss C and Mr M. What top little models!! Mum is so proud. We had it all in the bag in 40mins flat. That is my PB for a shoot. Not that I rush at all. It is completely up to the kids as to how many and what sort of shots I catch. These two were so good with me and just about every shot is a keeper. I am so stoked. I wont be able to show you the pics tho. They are not to go on the www by the parent's request and I respect that. You'll just have to take my word for it that this mornings pics are rippas.


I come home to find an acceptance in my Inbox from SBM. I did need to ring the Mum of the young chap in the pic with Annie and got the green light to accept SBM's offer.

I'm about to sneak off for a Nana nap before I start processing this mornings photos. And I hope to scrap after tea.

I think today must be Terrific Thursday.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Miss M & Miss G

The camera just loves Miss M. I couldnt go wrong with her.

And Miss G has such an impish smile, so hard to resist.

Thanks Mum. Enjoy your sneak peak.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The M boys

Saturday was pretty cold, windy and just plain miserable outside. So we holed up and stayed inside for the day. The M boys came round for a play. And in between showers of rain, we rugged up and braved the outdoors for a quick run around.
Of course I had the camera in hand. I am so lucky to get hugs and cuddles from the boys. I hope I always will.

Monday, June 15, 2009

by the sea

as this is such busy but beautiful paper I kept the embellishing to a minimum. And yes that really is sand that I have used on it. And a lot of dimensional magic on the beachy shapes around the edge of the PP.

photo shoot tomorrow. Cant wait to try to catch the two little ladies.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

run toby run

                             can now reveal after publication in Scrapbooking Memories.

another LO from today. The white around it is actually not there. That's from my scanner.

This is a take 2 version of what I had started at scrapnite at the Sheoak the other night. I reused most of the patterned paper after I had taken the original apart. Thanks Kathy for letting me have Toby's pic here.

I have two other LO's mostly done. They have dimensional magic drying on them so I am not touching them until tomorrow.

Lots of playing with the kids today. Lots of reading, board games, hide and seek and other inside activities. Too bloody chilly and wet outside today. Just gotta love winter.

And I have made a start of my latest 'self improvement' course. ;) I reckon you'll work it out on here in due course ;D

celebrate her

another challenge answer to e2c she... this is my 3rd one for this challenge using motivational 'she' quotes by Kobi Yamada. Photo by Amanda. ;) quote is: She makes the world a better place. Celebrate her.

great scrap day today. will have a least one more to post later today. having a ball.


Friday, June 12, 2009

legally blonde

Hi there.

Finished this LO in my LSS scrapnite tonight. Photo by Amanda. Made a start on 3 more but needed the computer, printer or something else that I didn't have there. LOL always the way.

Journaling says: I still cant quite believe that someone with hair as dark as mine can have a little boy with hair as blonde as yours. Always be original mate!!

Anybody else having trouble loading Face Book today. Just cant seem to load up my wall from any link, shortcut or favourite. Is it just me or is this happening to you too. Very frustrating.

cheers to you. Stay warm and toasty.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Miss A, Miss B, Mr Y and Mum

Mum had some very specific photo ideas that she wanted me to catch. And don't I love a challenge!!!!!!

Basically I tried to re create the same style of shots with Mum and Miss A, that Miss B and her Dad did when Miss B was a little dot of a thing.
The girls will be sharing a room down the track and Mum is keen to have photo canvases on their wall of each one at the same age with the same sort of pose.

I reckon we got fairly close.

And I had my photos taken today too!!!! lol. I feel so flattered.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Melissa Frances papers are so divine. Photograph by Amanda

Well, I have made up my mind. Anyone want to buy a horse. Jerry is on the market. He is just too much 'horse' for me. As much as I hate to admit it, having a 17HH horse is great for the ego, not so great for my nerve. I want to have fun in the hunt field, not watch from a car. He is such a smooch at home and I will miss him terribly.

And I think I am looking at surgery on my 'good' knee. Will be finding out more tomorrow from the Doc.

And am looking very seriously at my next 'self improvement' course. I try to do one every year. I have not long finished 6 years of study for my Advance Dip of Rural Business, so am now looking at my next challenge. Cant give away too much yet.... nothing is set in concrete....

2 more photo sessions tomorrow. I just cant wait for that.


Monday, June 8, 2009

you two

what a chilly day. Great day for a picnic in Annie's bedroom instead of outside. Complete with the picnic basket.
And got a LO done as well.

A fair bit of Amanda influence here. I loved her circular journal spot that she made on a LO (I forget the name of it) and after a bit of dicking around in Publisher and Googling for help I managed to get it. And the photography is by Amanda as well. She and her camera make a great team!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


This is just a beautiful photo that Amanda took of Sean back in Nov 2007. (yes I am that far behind) *insert roll eyes*

I am involved in a 'we dare you' challenge at Mystical. It involves having 3 random criteria set for you by the forum girls and you have a week to create something with it.

lol. I was the next 'victim' selected yesterday and I had it done last night. So the next 'victim' I chose had to start off with paint as her first of three elements. Lots of fun and being stretched creative wise.

My criteria was not too tricky (thank goodness)

1. Use at least 2 different stamps

2. Scallops

3. use at least 2 ribbons

so this is I came up with.

ps. I really don't enjoy stamping so this one had me a bit nervous. In my mind I find stamping so nerve racking because if its not done well it can spoil a whole LO. So I am a bit disappointed that the first 2 pieces of the calender stamps are so faint and I did press a bit harder 3rd time round. And i even practised on a piece of paper before hand. LOL. I live with it.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


I thought I would journal how Kym and I met, and the circumstances surrounding it. This is to go in Annie's album for her interest. These two photos were perfect for me to do this. How cool would it be when she wants to find out how we got together, she can read all about it. Especially, if so some unfortunate reason, Kym or I weren't around anymore.

I think I may need to do one for Sean's album too.

the top pic didnt photograph very well, sorry, but it the story that's important!!
And this LO is for this month's challenge at Puzzle Sketches

Today was a team bonding day for Kym and Annie. They made a Guinea Pig Hutch from the BBQ trolley. The BBQ sits in a wheelbarrow (much easier to manoeuvre) and the trolley was looking for a new lease of life. So with tools swinging, paint brushes slapping on paint, the hutch was born.

My criteria required wheels for cleaning portability and for Annie to manage it herself, Annie wanted to make it difficult for Sean, while he is still a bit shorter than her, to help himself to her pets (fair enough I thought) while she is at school. Kym had the brilliant idea of the floor that slides out from one end. Makes cleaning and changing the bedding a snap.

We have our names on 2 babies that are not even born yet.... lol..... but they will be ready for us just a bit before Annie's birthday so she knows that her pressie is not far away.

Tomorrow she and Kym are planting seeds and seedlings for Annie's very own vegie patch to feed her guinea pigs. It's all about responsibility and not just patting them when she thinks of it.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Miss C, Miss E and Mr H

This photo shoot was a lot of fun. Lots of nursery rhymes: 'twinkle twinkle' to have the girls look up, 'ring a rosie' to have them hold hands, 'dingle dangle scarecrow' to lie on their tummies. I had to be super quick to catch the shot. lol. Of course the bubbles were a big hit. And Mr H was so compiling. Near the end he feel asleep and we managed to get his best shots then.

Thanks Mum. Enjoy your sneak peek.