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Sunday, June 14, 2009

run toby run

                             can now reveal after publication in Scrapbooking Memories.

another LO from today. The white around it is actually not there. That's from my scanner.

This is a take 2 version of what I had started at scrapnite at the Sheoak the other night. I reused most of the patterned paper after I had taken the original apart. Thanks Kathy for letting me have Toby's pic here.

I have two other LO's mostly done. They have dimensional magic drying on them so I am not touching them until tomorrow.

Lots of playing with the kids today. Lots of reading, board games, hide and seek and other inside activities. Too bloody chilly and wet outside today. Just gotta love winter.

And I have made a start of my latest 'self improvement' course. ;) I reckon you'll work it out on here in due course ;D


sandra said...

again wow.
love how the 'waves' down the bottom extend passed the page and the colours are so serene.. lovely

Anonymous said...

Great page Tiff ... I love the photo of the kids (well captured!) and the soft gentle tones of blue / grey / browns over the page ... very noice !!

maryanne r said...