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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Melissa Frances papers are so divine. Photograph by Amanda

Well, I have made up my mind. Anyone want to buy a horse. Jerry is on the market. He is just too much 'horse' for me. As much as I hate to admit it, having a 17HH horse is great for the ego, not so great for my nerve. I want to have fun in the hunt field, not watch from a car. He is such a smooch at home and I will miss him terribly.

And I think I am looking at surgery on my 'good' knee. Will be finding out more tomorrow from the Doc.

And am looking very seriously at my next 'self improvement' course. I try to do one every year. I have not long finished 6 years of study for my Advance Dip of Rural Business, so am now looking at my next challenge. Cant give away too much yet.... nothing is set in concrete....

2 more photo sessions tomorrow. I just cant wait for that.



maryanne r said...

hi tiff
good luck with the dicky knee
hope its nothing too serious.

and poor jerry.....and poor you.

and yes those papers are just divine.

sandra said...

good luck at the doctors today.
shame that you are giving up Jerry, but I suppose it would not be fair to him if he just stood in a paddock all the time. He is such a lovely thing too (apart from the pig rooting lol) (that is such a foul expression when its written isn't it?)
and good luck with whichever self improvement course you are doing too. can't wait to see what it is?
anything to do with photography??
Lovely layout.

Anonymous said...

Dicky knees and massive horses just do not go together either - hope the knee is sorted soon.

Self Improvment ?? How you could fit anything else in will be amazing - you are my motivational idol - I would love just a bit of your energy.

can't wait til tuesday - seeys then , if not before.

Love me CG

Anonymous said...

Hi Tiff, your layout is pure and and totally beautiful, I'll be interested to know what you end up doing/studying, its uncanny as I was only thinking last week that I wanted to go back to uni and study speech therapy. Still looking into options, may have to wait until both kids are at school as its pretty full on and it would mean no more time for scrapping (shock, horror).

SueP said...

OMG giving up Jerry??!!
Good luck with the Drs report!

Lovely LO, is the title a transparency?? Beautiful photo of Sean!