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Saturday, June 27, 2009

he she we

I've been asked to create a LO based on this sketch by Carol-Lea Morgan for a Scrapbook Creations Issue

As I really cant show the LO here for a while, I thought I'd tease you a bit.

can now reveal after publication in Scrapbook Creations Iss 72.

Now I have a dilema. Does anyone have any spare pizza boxes that I may borrow pretty please??


Kirsty said...

Clever you!
Love the peek...I have pizza boxes...I can post you one if you can't find anyone local (or you might need to have a little internet spending spree lol)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tiff,
Your sneak peek looks good !
I've saved a few pizza boxes for my paper stash etc ... would be happy to give you one. I might be in town Monday (not 100% sure yet) if that's any help (could leave it with Kevvy perhaps?) ... will keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

Hi lovely lady, I have to apologise, I have not sent your ribbons yet (hope you haven't been stalking the mailman now? LOL), will have them out to you tomorrow, promise xx. PS I like your sneaky peek.

Anonymous said...

I have one or two here Tiff if you need them. Tracey W