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Thursday, June 18, 2009


What a morning. Not much could top it.

I had the most fun photo shoot with Miss C and Mr M. What top little models!! Mum is so proud. We had it all in the bag in 40mins flat. That is my PB for a shoot. Not that I rush at all. It is completely up to the kids as to how many and what sort of shots I catch. These two were so good with me and just about every shot is a keeper. I am so stoked. I wont be able to show you the pics tho. They are not to go on the www by the parent's request and I respect that. You'll just have to take my word for it that this mornings pics are rippas.


I come home to find an acceptance in my Inbox from SBM. I did need to ring the Mum of the young chap in the pic with Annie and got the green light to accept SBM's offer.

I'm about to sneak off for a Nana nap before I start processing this mornings photos. And I hope to scrap after tea.

I think today must be Terrific Thursday.

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maryanne r said...

hi tiff
Im sure you got some great shots...as you usually do!
congrats on the latest pick up.Well done!!