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Saturday, June 6, 2009


I thought I would journal how Kym and I met, and the circumstances surrounding it. This is to go in Annie's album for her interest. These two photos were perfect for me to do this. How cool would it be when she wants to find out how we got together, she can read all about it. Especially, if so some unfortunate reason, Kym or I weren't around anymore.

I think I may need to do one for Sean's album too.

the top pic didnt photograph very well, sorry, but it the story that's important!!
And this LO is for this month's challenge at Puzzle Sketches

Today was a team bonding day for Kym and Annie. They made a Guinea Pig Hutch from the BBQ trolley. The BBQ sits in a wheelbarrow (much easier to manoeuvre) and the trolley was looking for a new lease of life. So with tools swinging, paint brushes slapping on paint, the hutch was born.

My criteria required wheels for cleaning portability and for Annie to manage it herself, Annie wanted to make it difficult for Sean, while he is still a bit shorter than her, to help himself to her pets (fair enough I thought) while she is at school. Kym had the brilliant idea of the floor that slides out from one end. Makes cleaning and changing the bedding a snap.

We have our names on 2 babies that are not even born yet.... lol..... but they will be ready for us just a bit before Annie's birthday so she knows that her pressie is not far away.

Tomorrow she and Kym are planting seeds and seedlings for Annie's very own vegie patch to feed her guinea pigs. It's all about responsibility and not just patting them when she thinks of it.


Anonymous said...

I loved reading how you guys met, that was fantastic, what a sweet idea. I met my hubby in the coffee isle at Woollies LOL, we sorta new each other before hand, but the smell of the coffee must have worked wonders LOL!!!

Cassandra said...

I love it Tiff very special for Annie yes do one for Sean maybe change colours for him to make it different but use same layout. Very Special Mum you are. xxx

maryanne r said...

what a great idea tiff, great little story,found myself reading it and wondering who the people were that you were refering to!!LOL
Will be something that annie will treasure!