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Friday, April 25, 2014

anzac 2014

I've been asked by our local RSL Branch to photograph the Dawn Service and Remembrance Day occasions for the last couple of years. What an honor.

I always struggle with my tears with the Dawn Service. I wear my heart on my sleeve and believe in not bottling up emotion, so I usually have a lot of tears fall.  Last year I found especially difficult. I struggled to keep quiet and discreet, and I just had to turn away for a little bit to find some composure.

This year Sean found me up near the front photographing while I was crying. He pulled me down to whisper in my ear 'Don't cry Mum' and gave me the biggest of hugs. Oh man, it was hard to keep quiet then. Dear little man, he has such empathy in his soul, and I hope he never loses that.

A wonderful moment showed in the sky this Anzac morning. Nearly everyone had marched from the Plinth to the RSL when the solar ring formed. It was pointed out to me, and I quickly found a lift back to the Plinth to capture it in all its glory.

They shall grow not old,
As we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them,
Nor the years condemn them.
At the going down of the sun
And in the morning,
We will remember them.
Lest We Forget.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

travel plans 2015

I've just confirmed my travel plan for 2015.  Something to tick off on my bucket list.

To say I'm really excited is a massive understatement. There are only 8 spots on this photography tour and 4 have been snapped up in the first few days of release. That's says a fair bit about the tour leader if you ask me. Details here.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

eagle fledglings

Today was the kids first day playing for United Yeelanna aka Eagles aka Blue & Gold.

The kids really enjoyed their games. She played GK and WD for the match, he got a kick and a couple of touches.

Whilst neither of their teams won, they gave it there all. I had a surprising number of people after her game come up and say what a great defender she was, and how she read the play to intercept the ball. Jeeez, my heart swelled a fair bit, I tell you.

He lead his team out of the change rooms and onto the ground. I had no idea, but I do have some photos of it (of course).  He felt pretty awesome about that!!

Top day all round. The kids have molted their black and white wings and now have their blue and gold flight feathers now :)

Friday, April 11, 2014

cummins gym club western rump and red dinner with a good and services auction, and other things

I am totally zapped and sooo looking forward to school holidays. I've had a bunch of things on my plate that have finally come to fruition and now I've time to take a little breath.

I've been very involved with the gym club's Western Rump and Red Dinner which included a Goods and Services Auction. I am so very pleased to say the whole night was a resounding success. Damien Mrjden catered for over 90 people, the guests bidded for over 30 auction lot items, which in turn raised over $11 000 for the night. $8055 from the auction and the remainder from the dinner and bar after expenses. The funds raised are going towards the monies needed to build the new purpose built training facility at the old basketball courts at the town oval.

From all those people I've seen since the dinner, they ALL say what a fantastic night it was, lots of buzz, great food, great music and what a great way for people to support the club.

The relief I felt once the night was under way and things were swinging along so wonderfully, was immense.  I hadn't realised what a weight on my shoulder it had become until the next day and to hear the positive feedback, was incredibly heartening.

I've also been studying and have undertaken extra gymnastic training to be a MAG (men's artistic gymnast) Intermediate Coach. This has included a number of internet hours study, and a trip to Adelaide for face to face training. At the moment, I'm about to begin a number of hours being mentored by a Port Lincoln MAG coach in the Lincoln Club. I need to submit a video of a lesson that I have planned, executed with the gymnasts, and self critiqued, for examination by GYM SA, to gain my Intermediate coaching ticket.

I'm also coaching 5 boys to take to Port Lincoln, Country Champs in Adelaide, and the Port Pirie comps this year.  They are the most motivated bunch of kids and they are so keen to train. That's a huge help.

Sean and I have a trip to Adelaide next week for the day and as soon as we land back in Lincoln, we are heading straight to the Lincoln Gym club, for my mentoring and for Sean to have some coaching by someone else other than his Mum.

I've had a 3 month commercial photography project finalize this last week. That's been quite fun, and its been great stress outlet for me.

I've been asked to explain/teach my post production workflow from Camera, Bridge, Camera Raw and into Photoshop for an upcoming Camera Club weekend away in May. I've been making notes already for that. And as Kym will be seeding, the kids will join me at the weekend away by the sea.

I've had a photograph of Tumby Bay Jetty feature on the cover of the newest Tumby Views Magazine. My first cover and a glossy too  :D   whoop whoop.

I should be charging my accountant in 3 minute increments for the amount of work I've been doing for him lately, instead of the other way round haha.

I've had a scrapping brief to complete last week, and I'm super stoked with that.

I'd love the time to scrap more than I have, but right now I feel far too drained to be creative.

My Mum's not been well, and I've really struggled to find the time to spend helping her. Or the 'want'.  Lots of past history there.

We've swapped Footy/Netty clubs this year. We've made the shift from Ramblers to United Yeelanna purely and simply for social reasons for Annie. All her close friends are Eagle kids, and she was miserable at Ramblers. Didn't mix with her team, didn't want to go the Club, didn't want to stay at Footy during the day, and sit in the car to read/hide in her book.  I've been a Rambler for 34 years, but I'm not that one-eyed to put myself in front of the kids needs. So we have made the shift. She has really come out of her shell and we've been so welcomed by the club. Sean has a couple of Rambler boys who have also come across to UnitedYeelanna as mates, and he has fitted in fairly easily.  First whistle is tomorrow and the kids are keen.

I've Kym's 2 sisters and their families coming over for Easter, so I'm about to madly clean house and attack the garden. It's looking like great gardening weather for the next few days, thank goodness.

So with everything that's been going on, or about to happen, I haven't been here for the last week or so, and that unusual for me.