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Saturday, April 12, 2014

eagle fledglings

Today was the kids first day playing for United Yeelanna aka Eagles aka Blue & Gold.

The kids really enjoyed their games. She played GK and WD for the match, he got a kick and a couple of touches.

Whilst neither of their teams won, they gave it there all. I had a surprising number of people after her game come up and say what a great defender she was, and how she read the play to intercept the ball. Jeeez, my heart swelled a fair bit, I tell you.

He lead his team out of the change rooms and onto the ground. I had no idea, but I do have some photos of it (of course).  He felt pretty awesome about that!!

Top day all round. The kids have molted their black and white wings and now have their blue and gold flight feathers now :)

1 comment:

Janice Nicholls said...

Well done you little Eagles. I'm sure you will both soar this year....
Have fun. :)