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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I took the kids to the movies on Monday as a treat. I brought the camera and tripod along as well for just in case......;op

So glad I did. As I came into Cummins, the clouds where in the perfect spot above the silos.

And we had some time wandering around on the town wharf. I explained to the kids that when Dad trucks in our grain into Cummins, it goes on a train to Lincoln, comes out on the wharf via the conveyor belt system, loaded onto the ships and then goes overseas to be used for food products. Now it all makes sense to them.

Lincoln Silos. (2 minute long exposure, texture add in post processing)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

shutter therapy

My next instalment in Shutter Therapy is up at Scrap Therapy.

wander over, say hi, ask any questions you like.


cowell photoshoot

Dave, who I met on my Kangaroo Island Photographic trip, was staying up North a bit for Easter, so Laura and I met him on Easter Saturday for a day of shooting.

We were blessed with warm weather, gentle light but not a lot in the way of clouds in the sky. 

After lucking out with Elbow Hill Church (no answer on the door, (its a B&B now)), we headed down to the coast. We spotted two ruins on our way and our shutters went to work.

We then discovered these a bit later. Built as air raid shelters during WWII. I'm more than baffled to explain why they are where they are, and to protect what. There was signage to explain what they are, but not as to why. They are used as grain storage now.

We had the best of the day at Point Gibbon. While walking along the beach, this magnificent Sea Lion came out of the water to bask in the warm sun. He gave us no mind, and we respected his distance. He (and he is a he) was still there some 2 hours later when we came back along the beach to leave.

Wonderful red rocks against the blue water.

 Cool sandhills with miniature landscapes.

And time for the wahu shots.

A quick run down to Arno Bay to see any potential spots and found one not that far away on the coast that needs the light of dawn to see it in all its glory.

Another ruin on the way back .

Wonderful day with wonderful people with the same goals in mind.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

easter 2011

We camped at Port Neil Caravan Park this year for Easter. My brother and his family, a bunch of mates with their families made sure there was lots of Easter fun. Annie and Sean slept in Annie's tent in their swags, I was swagging in the canopy of my Hilux and Kym was swagging on the tray of his landcruiser!!

Easter Sunday morning with 11 kids was a riot!!! The best way to enjoy Easter is really to be a kid yourself and immerse yourself in it.

We came home late this afternoon and I grabbed a couple of shots of the kids after they had cleaned up a bit. The big Rabbits are from Grandparents, the letter from Easter Bunny and the little material bunnies are from the wonderful crafty Aunt Sonia. The actually are facewashers with a chocolate egg in it.

Pt Neil Jetty

spent some time in Port Neil with my brother, his family and a few mates with their families. Lots of Easter excitement with all the kids. While we were camping there I had spent a moment at the jetty.

gorgeous autumn day today.

scrap therapy blog....

.... has been revamped and has new energy. Deb, Julie, Mandy, Lee-Anne and myself are the team behind the scene.

pop over THERE for what's up, what's happening and what's the latest eye catcher from the gallery.

cya on the blog.



Friday, April 22, 2011

mighty macro

I had a parcel arrive yesterday which I took out for a little play today. Extension Tubes sure take a bit of getting used to, but after a bit I had the hang of it.

To be completely honest, these shots are hand held which is a big no no in the micro macro world, but seeing that I'm just playing around to get my eye in, I'm not holding these up as wonderful examples. More like a benchmark for me to see how I progress (hopefully)

stay true

Happy and safe Easter to you.

I finished this LO of Annie last night and I've only got around to loading it up tonight. (Busy social day today)

This LO is using the Man (manufacturer) of the month over at Scrap Therapy. I've used Teresa Collins Posh Flower paper which I've fussy cut, damped down and screwed up for the blooms and the banner. And the TC Decorative Brads to ground the little bloom banner in place.

I love this one. Love it a lot.

Keep safe on the roads this extra long weekend.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

#1 team mascot

When Kym was away shooting at the 2009 National Titles, Annie gave him her Doll called Bob to look after him. Much to Kym's credit everywhere he went, so did Bob. He sent home a photo a day for Annie so she could see how well Bob was looking after her Dad. Bob did indeed become the South Australian Team Mascot. I'm not sure out of Kym or Annie, who was the more proud of that fact.

These are some of those photos that Kym took that I've put together for both him and Annie.

I've showcased the Teresa Collins Sports Edition II range from Scrap Therapy. Chipboard Elements and Die cuts.

by the light of the full moon

I went with Laura and my kids to Camera Club last night. Kym was away and seeing that it's school holidays I decided that the kids could come with me. The DS's kept them occupied most of the evening I was pretty chuffed with them when a number of the people mentioned how well behaved they were. They make so very proud!!!

When we got home I was still pretty wired after Ann and I delivered our presentation of our Kangaroo Island Photographic Tour with Pete Dobre. There was no way I was ready for bed.

Seeing that it was full moon and a mackerel sky I headed out with camera, tripod, and timer in hand. After a bit of trial and error I've managed these shots. While I'm not overly happy with the subject in the photos, it was the technique of shooting by moonlight that I wanted to get a handle on.

I am blown away with the colour that the camera picked up. You just don't imagine night time other than black or blue.

Exposure times varied from 5mins 18 seconds to 7mins 50 seconds. Shot between 1 and 2am Tuesday 12th April. 2011

you can just see the start of star trails in the first two shots.

tumby jetty long exposure

I had a trip over to Tumby this arvo and the skies were just going off!!!!!!!!!!!!

So while the kids played in the playground I had a play with the camera on the jetty.

All this has had is a slight sharpen, and a levels/curves adjustment. Otherwise it is as you see it.


exposed for 185 seconds.....(3 mins and 8 seconds)


shiny red Massey Fergusson Paint

I had a machinery photo shoot last week. This is the second time this dealership has asked me to shoot for them, so I think they must like what I do. yippeeeee.

The story with this brief was to show 2 Brothers who are trading in their Massey Fergusson tractors that they had inherited from their father many many years ago. The older tractors have been lovingly kept and are very tidy machines. So I was asked to shoot the change over with succession planning in mind, or the next generations, old for new, updating, upgrading. Personally I liked the thought of succession planning so that's what was in my mind when I shot the story.

I love the pop of red against the unseasonal green background.

I haven't included any shots that have the brothers or the dealership staff as I didn't ask their permission to post them.

The state sales manager was there on this day and he enquired on how interested I was in travelling around the state shooting for them......we exchanged business cards and I'll just have to see how the idea fits in with my family. They come first.... but 'tis an exciting thought and it was lovely to be asked.  :OD


Another LO done from the Retreat weekend. I've waited till I got the ok from the parents of Annie's friends so I could post it.   Thank you Mums.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I want to remember

Scrap Therapy's Man of the Month is Teresa Collins and I've had a play with the Timeless products

Timeless Covers, Timeless Decorative Brads, Timeless Chipboard Elements. All available at Scrap Therapy and at rippa prices too.

time does not change us...

Yahoo. I've had the time to scrap. And I've had a play with the Timeless product line from Teresa Collins. TC is the Man (manufacturer) of the Month over at Scrap Therapy. This line is so feminine, but stylish.

Timeless Covers, Timeless Decrotive Brads. Timeless Chipboard Elements.  All at Scrap Therapy.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

E Ressies

Annie had her first REAL game of Netball today. She had a ball and tried her heart out. But the best thing for her was the fun factor. She really got into it. While I was scoring I managed to grab a couple of shots. Her team won 5 to 3.

She was one happy little chicky today

Friday, April 15, 2011

tumby jetty long exposure.

My new filter arrived so on Thursday I had some time over in Tumby with Laura giving it a whirl. I only had the time to set up and shoot one set of shots before I had to zoom off to the paperwork with a new tenant. Laura had some wonderful time on the beach. You can see her shots on her website.

I'm quite pleased with the shots I got. This was exposed for 2 mins. Love that new filter.

I've been under the pump this week. Lots of processing to finish the Kangaroo Island photographic trip, and use the best of those for a presentation to the camera club with Ann on Monday night. Put together the spiel that goes with the images (thank heavens for my blog-my diary and my resource). I had a machinery photo shoot this week for one of the dealerships in town. Had a stint selling raffle tickets for the Kindy, filing books to help the library on its move to its new premises on FIRTH Ave!!! I've had a wonderful parcel from Scrap Therapy that I haven't touched yet. (that's my next job!) for the DT position. I need to put together the next instalment in Shutter Therapy on the Scrap Therapy Forum. Helped Annie's coach during Netball practise, dealt with Gym club paperwork, BAS paperwork, and shoot in a couple of churches with Laura for our next camera club theme. Had a prospective tenant for an inspection and the additional trip to sign them up ( the long exposure sea trip).
And all while Kym is away.

Man I am looking forward to school holidays. Everything kicks back a cog or two and I can slow down a bit.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

prima, prima, prima.

You want it. I know you do.

Scrap Therapy is having a massive sale of all things Prima. 630 items at 50% off RRP on last year's stock

Head right there via THIS link.

Go on. It's not that far from Mother's Day after all.

last day of kindy

..... I feel a bit happy sad about yesterday. I've been involved with the Kindy in one way or another for the last 4 years. It's as much as a transition for me as it is for Sean's going to school. We have a wonderful Kindy with caring and nurturing teachers. So I'm a bit sad to be leaving it behind.....

Sean had his Transition Party yesterday as well as the handing over of his profile for him to keep. I'm not posting an image of the profile bit as I didn't ask his teacher if I could.

However, the kindest of thanks to all the transition kids' Mums who all gave me the ok to post a pic of our kids on my blog. I'm hoping to remember to do this again with the same kids in the same boat in the same positions when they are 16..... (big wish I know lol)

Cup cake smash.