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Friday, April 15, 2011

tumby jetty long exposure.

My new filter arrived so on Thursday I had some time over in Tumby with Laura giving it a whirl. I only had the time to set up and shoot one set of shots before I had to zoom off to the paperwork with a new tenant. Laura had some wonderful time on the beach. You can see her shots on her website.

I'm quite pleased with the shots I got. This was exposed for 2 mins. Love that new filter.

I've been under the pump this week. Lots of processing to finish the Kangaroo Island photographic trip, and use the best of those for a presentation to the camera club with Ann on Monday night. Put together the spiel that goes with the images (thank heavens for my blog-my diary and my resource). I had a machinery photo shoot this week for one of the dealerships in town. Had a stint selling raffle tickets for the Kindy, filing books to help the library on its move to its new premises on FIRTH Ave!!! I've had a wonderful parcel from Scrap Therapy that I haven't touched yet. (that's my next job!) for the DT position. I need to put together the next instalment in Shutter Therapy on the Scrap Therapy Forum. Helped Annie's coach during Netball practise, dealt with Gym club paperwork, BAS paperwork, and shoot in a couple of churches with Laura for our next camera club theme. Had a prospective tenant for an inspection and the additional trip to sign them up ( the long exposure sea trip).
And all while Kym is away.

Man I am looking forward to school holidays. Everything kicks back a cog or two and I can slow down a bit.

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