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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ki trip 4...more images

I've been going thru my Kangaroo Island images in preparation for a presentation with Ann to our Camera Club this Monday. We're putting on a slide show of our best images, a bit of a spiel about the trip and hopefully a demo of shooting panos if time allows. Or long exposure to get those ethereal seascape shots with the milked out sea.

I also have another reason to get them done is that the 5 of us are all submitting 50 images each to put together a printed coffee table book. These images need to be done and sent by the end of this month. With the time zipping past as quick as it has already, the month will be gone and I'll be missing the boat.

dawn, Hogs Bay

 rocks at Pennington Bay

 Stokes Bay


 prepare for landing





these are from day 4 of the trip. And I'll be posting others as I get thru them.

Lots of other commitments that I have to meet this week as well as a number of community and committee commitments (lol did that tie your tongue up)

Annie has her first netball game this weekend. A real one. I had to trim her nails AGAIN... they sure do to grow quick.

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Jane said...

these shots look awesome Tiff. Love the ones of the pelican