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Sunday, April 24, 2011

easter 2011

We camped at Port Neil Caravan Park this year for Easter. My brother and his family, a bunch of mates with their families made sure there was lots of Easter fun. Annie and Sean slept in Annie's tent in their swags, I was swagging in the canopy of my Hilux and Kym was swagging on the tray of his landcruiser!!

Easter Sunday morning with 11 kids was a riot!!! The best way to enjoy Easter is really to be a kid yourself and immerse yourself in it.

We came home late this afternoon and I grabbed a couple of shots of the kids after they had cleaned up a bit. The big Rabbits are from Grandparents, the letter from Easter Bunny and the little material bunnies are from the wonderful crafty Aunt Sonia. The actually are facewashers with a chocolate egg in it.

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amyf said...

cute! hope u had a good weekend xoxo