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Thursday, April 14, 2011

last day of kindy

..... I feel a bit happy sad about yesterday. I've been involved with the Kindy in one way or another for the last 4 years. It's as much as a transition for me as it is for Sean's going to school. We have a wonderful Kindy with caring and nurturing teachers. So I'm a bit sad to be leaving it behind.....

Sean had his Transition Party yesterday as well as the handing over of his profile for him to keep. I'm not posting an image of the profile bit as I didn't ask his teacher if I could.

However, the kindest of thanks to all the transition kids' Mums who all gave me the ok to post a pic of our kids on my blog. I'm hoping to remember to do this again with the same kids in the same boat in the same positions when they are 16..... (big wish I know lol)

Cup cake smash.

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SueP said...

Love the cute photo of the kindy kids in the boat!! Bit sad when they leave kindy ey, the next big step in the world is awaiting them :)