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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

cowell photoshoot

Dave, who I met on my Kangaroo Island Photographic trip, was staying up North a bit for Easter, so Laura and I met him on Easter Saturday for a day of shooting.

We were blessed with warm weather, gentle light but not a lot in the way of clouds in the sky. 

After lucking out with Elbow Hill Church (no answer on the door, (its a B&B now)), we headed down to the coast. We spotted two ruins on our way and our shutters went to work.

We then discovered these a bit later. Built as air raid shelters during WWII. I'm more than baffled to explain why they are where they are, and to protect what. There was signage to explain what they are, but not as to why. They are used as grain storage now.

We had the best of the day at Point Gibbon. While walking along the beach, this magnificent Sea Lion came out of the water to bask in the warm sun. He gave us no mind, and we respected his distance. He (and he is a he) was still there some 2 hours later when we came back along the beach to leave.

Wonderful red rocks against the blue water.

 Cool sandhills with miniature landscapes.

And time for the wahu shots.

A quick run down to Arno Bay to see any potential spots and found one not that far away on the coast that needs the light of dawn to see it in all its glory.

Another ruin on the way back .

Wonderful day with wonderful people with the same goals in mind.

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Anonymous said...

A wonderful day - it sure was! Thanks for blogging your awesome pics! PS it's "me" lol ;-)