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Saturday, October 31, 2009

primping parlour

Scrap-a-thon LO no. 6

I was a bit stuck on this one before the Karkoo weekend. I just couldn't imagine the end result, so it sat on my desk at home, teasing me. It wasn't until one of the girls on the table with me (I'm not sure who it was, sorry, so please fess up) suggested I find some lippy and give it a  big mwah.

Perfect. Now all I needed was a lipstick, a mirror, and to find out if embossing powder would stick to its wax to seal it.

I have one lipstick to my name, and amazingly it was the perfect colour. So with Leonie's mirror, I slapped on some lippy. I felt like a complete knob. 1. Using a mirror in public to obstinately apply the lipstick and 2,  wearing lipstick in the first place (so not my scene).

and yes, clear heat embossing powder stuck to it beautifully so I could heat seal it.

Journaling says 'Uncle Giles did not, Uncle Ian tolerated and Dad actually enjoyed having their makeovers done.'

Friday, October 30, 2009

sa museum

Scrap-a-thon LO no. 5.

This originally had fake stitching drawn on it. The PP has a dotty pattern around the edge so I could pierce the holes with a regular space in between each one.
But it looked crap.

So when I brought it home, I needed to find something to sew on it to hide the fake stitch. So that's the reason for the twine.

It wasn't until I had finished it all that I thought that it would fit the E2C twine challenge.

Had a photo shoot today down south a bit. Lots of different scenes and a fair bit of playing around with the kid-lets I fired the final shot at 7.45pm. The light was just beautiful. So I will be processing those shots over the weekend.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

officially 2

Scrap-a-thon LO 4. the green and red work really well here. and it all came out of my scrap folder. I do really enjoy getting in there and having a good fossick. You never know what surprises you might find.... and save a dollar or two.

can now reveal after publication in Creating Keepsakes Vol 15/Issue 5 (july/august 2010) pg 106

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

on the farm 2009 calender shoot

Scrap-a-thon LO number 3.
This was my first go at using template clipping mask way back in January this year, (thanks Sandra). I'm pretty happy with the end result. That prima bloom and raffia finishes it beautifully (in my mind that is lol)

can now reveal after publication.

oh and if anyone finds that clear Dymo embossing tape (9mm) its getting as rare as hen's teeth. If you spot it anywhere, could you please grab as many as you can for me. 10 would be fantastic. cheers and thanks heaps.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Meet the F's

lots of personality with these two tin lids. And it really shows thru the lens. Thanks guys and enjoy your sneak peak.

A few more photos for you to check out over at Tiff Firth Photography on FaceBook

CPC photos

Yay. all done, labeled, enveloped and ready to be delivered to the CPC Wednesday. The children should be bringing them home tomorrow night. Mum's, please be sure to check their bags if you have ordered one.


ahh sorry friends. I cant show you this one from the Scrap-a-thon weekend.

A bit of paint, some corduroy buttons, sewing, and Hessian.
I liked it!! So did Sharryn at Scrapbooking Memories.
Can now reveal after publication in Scrapbooking Memories.

Monday, October 26, 2009

scrap-a-thon wrap up.

Well I got to Karkoo at 12.30pm Saturday, brought in my stash (I use a sack-truck (trolley) to bring in my tubs and bits. Chatted a fair bit, shopped a bit, and scrapped a lot.

In fact I scrapped, and scrapped, and scrapped. I didn't even have time to go to bed. The juices were overfloweth so I did not dare stop. Not that I wanted to for that matter. I sustained myself on scotch. LOVE that stuff.

Sandra was up early and very kindly took this shot of me watching the sunrise. (Yes Karen, this is what I call a Dawn Buster). I have never scrapped all night before so I really wanted this shot as it means a lot to me.

And the scrapping mojo didn't end there. I scrapped and scrapped some more. Not a wink of sleep.

The Scrap a thon ended at 1pm Sunday and I headed home to catch up with the family and had a snooze for an hour before we headed out for tea.

I felt pretty good actually, but apparently I was blinking a bit slowly lol.

And I am really glad my bladder decided it was time to get up during the night. I checked on the retreat blog and golly gosh the 2010 E2C retreat registrations were open. So of course I emailed thru my registration there and then. Just as well. By 8.30am they had 40 bookings and by 1pm a post on the blog said it was all booked out and a waiting list had started.

I wont post all my LOs in one hit and overwhelm you. As I have 3 photo-shoots this week, there will be precious little scrapping done, so I'll stagger them out, just to tease you a bit (wink)

Oh and just to top off an already fantastic weekend, I found an acceptance for a LO from Creative Keepsakes this morning. Man, that magazine is one tough egg to get into. So that is just cream on the cake.

so stinkin' adorable

My favourtie from the Scrap-a-thon

e2c retreat

REGO open for short time only and limited spaces available.

Escape2Create 2010

Bring it on.

My post on the weekend's Scrapathon and some of the LO's to come later on Monday with luck.

Friday, October 23, 2009

the "Ps'

Even before I got to this family's home, it was going to a great shoot. Mr N was very very keen apparently and was asking Mum ALL day, what time will she (me) get there. He really was counting down the minutes.

As soon as I got there he took me for a ride on their 4 wheeler motorbike (complete with helmets) to have a look around the farm yard for prop ideas, lighting etc. He gave a very detailed inventory of all their machinery, its history, and its use. No wonder Mum reckon he's the 2IC.

Mr P has some very noice photography gear that I had a drool over and I have to admit, I was a bit nervous shooting photos for this family as he's such a good photographer himself. However and thank goodness, Mr P was very relaxed and ready with an easy smile, so I was put to ease. LOL. Normally the people having their shoot done for them are the nervous ones and I'm relaxed, so this was really switching the tables around.

After a lot of laughing, hamming it up for the camera and getting some really good shots in the bag, it was a wrap.

Thanks a bunch guys. Sean and I had a ball!!!!!!!!

More pics @ Tiff Firth Photography on FaceBook


I really miss not having my scanner, printer and 'puter at my elbow when I'm scrapping out and about. I really dont like my handwriting on LO's as I feel as if it spoils the look of what I am trying to do. They feel less clean or sloppy I guess. I know my handwriting would be appreciated down the track, but I just cant make myself do it. So I have to make do with letter stickers, dymo and the like.

Long thread idea inspired by Janice (thanks for letting me flick thru your work the other day) I have slotted a couple of other little ideas away for later.

I'm lucky enough to have Kym home this weekend to happily have the kids while I go on a 24hr scrap a thon with about 35 other like minded ladies. Cant wait. Car is mostly packed (only cause I was out last night scrapping), photos sorted, drinks chilling, nibbles purchased and the purse cashed up. It will be no doubt a sleep deprived day/night filled with lots of chat, laughter, a couple of cold ones, and a tad of scrapping done. And the best thing.....I am not on the organizing side of it. It feels so different being on the 'other side of the table'. Much more relaxed about it and just looking forward to the 'ta da' moment when I walk in, not knowing anything of what goes on behind the scenes.

Bring it on I say!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thomas & Friends-Live on Stage.

Sean and I flew to Adelaide this morning to catch the Thomas & Friends Live on Stage show.

Paige picked us up from the airport and chauffeured us around to HarbourTown for a bit of a looksie. While we were there, Sean started becoming rather lethargic and not himself. When Paige dropped us off at the Entertainment Center the poor little bloke was a bit crook. At least he waited to be out of Paige's car before he let rip. Paige gave us one of those spew bags (a ring with a plastic sleeve) that you get in hospitals to take in with us, just in case. Just as well, as he did use it just the once. After that he was so much brighter and really got into the show.

The engines were really good and much bigger than I thought they would be. As no flash photography only was allowed, I tried out some different settings on the camera that I have never used before. And they worked out really really well. The only light used for the photos was the stage lights, so I am just a little bit chuffed how bright they looked.

Paige picked us up after the show and took us back to the airport and saw us off (that pic is still on my phone and I haven't got around to getting it of it yet lol).

Huge hugs and thanks to you Paige. You made a great day, bloody fantastic, esp with that natty little spew bag. And we just cant wait for next week to come around when you'll be over our way for a bit and spending some time with us.

Mwah  (blow kiss from Sean)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Miss E

I had a most wonderful shoot on Thursday with Miss E and her Mum and Dad. She was very patient with us, considering she just had her needles the day before.
Thanks guys and enjoy your sneak peek.

Isn't she an angel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lots more pics at Tiff Firth Photography

Saturday, October 17, 2009

so sweet

I reckon pulling together this LO must be a PW (personal worst) ;o) as far as being timely with it. With one thing and another it took me I think nearly 8 days to get it together. And there's not much on it, go figure??!! Life is full and busy. Just the way I like it.

can we fix it.

One from last night's scrapping at the Sheoak Craft Cottage.

gotta love the dangley tools.

can now reveal after publication in Scrapbook Trends UK

thank you.

I have had the most amazing last couple of weeks as far as publications go. It still feels just as exciting now as it did when I saw my first one in a glossy magazine.

In this months Scrapbook Creations (Vol 8, No. 8) I have this one....

And in this months Scrapbooking Memories (vol 10, no.9)I have three
this one,
this one,
and this one.

I feel so very lucky that I have had any accepted at all, but three in one mag is just humbling. If you have a look at the sketches insert, you'll find a couple of my LO's sketched in there. And on the contents page there is a little pic of 'I adore you'

So I just would like to say a very heartfelt thank you for all the well wishes and congrats from my dear friends. Feeling the love!!!

Ironically while this is all happening I haven't been scrapping much at all. The photography business is motoring along, I spent more time with the kids in the school holidays, and I'm still getting over the blasted knee op (falling off the crutches so did not help the recovery lol). But I did have a couple of scrap nights out this week and pulled together a couple. I think I can feel the scrap itch returning.

And just a quick heads up on the Rabbit situation in Lincoln. Retravision have bought the kiosks from Rabbit and are currently installing them. They should be ready with the new Wet/Dry developing machine to start photo printing by this Wednesday (Oct 21sr). Yehaaa. This is a big big relief, let me tell you.

I had a yarn with Hayley (formerly of Rabbit and now with Retravision) about the quality and longevity of the new process. She has looked into it long and hard' she has looked at prints done with the two different machines, and she cant tell the difference.

So I will be down to see her at Retravision in Liverpool St at the new Fuji Lab!!!! I hope they have online ordering where I can order from home and pick up at a convenient time to me. I guess I'll be finding that out when I get in there.

I am waiting with 'great' anticipation for a courier parcel with my new baby in it. Yep, I lashed out and ordered a Canon 380EXii Speedlight. Can't bloody wait to get that in my hot little hands. And also a thanks to Jill W who very kindly offered me the use of hers after a photo session last week. She knew mine was coming and thought I might like to have a play with hers while I was waiting. So while I had my 'lol studio lol' set up, I tried out a few ideas. Lots of scope with this baby!!! So thanks to you Jill for your very kind consideration and trust. mwah.

I have finished proccing the shots from last weekends combined 40th and I have a rural photo session booked in for tomorrow. It'll be a lot of fun!!

Have a great weekend.

pssssst.....I'm taking Sean across to Adelaide on Tuesday for Thomas the Tank Engine Live on Stage performace at 1pm. Anyone else going to this session?????????????????


Remember Milly, Annie's guinea pig.

Yesterday I learnt how to sex guinea pigs and we discovered that Milly has a willy.

So now we have Max.
lol. I think s(he) now has an identity crisis!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

P&Px40 squared.

LOL at the title of this post. Its supposed to mean P & P (which are two people) x40 squared (they both are turning 40 and I don't know the keyboard symbol for the mathematical square.)

I was asked to be the 'Paparazzi' for the night.

Needless to say what happened at the party stays at the party, BUT, I can show you these few select shots.

The 'killer heels' P wore most of the night. These looked seriously sexy!!!

Vodka Jellies. Va Va Voom. Lotsa vodka in these babies!!!!

Plenty of these sugar laden treats to hype the kids up. They all worked!!

The most chocolaty cake I think I have ever tasted

Thanks guys for asking me along. You both had the most amazing night !!


Man. I'm in love.

I was very very kindly allowed to play with these babies on Saturday night. I so want a speed light now. Its so superior to the in camera flash. Now, just to justify one...... hmmmmm.... I just about could......... (giggle, happy dance). I need to google and start pricing.....

This lens has a large aperture. Perfect for my situation of low light on Saturday night. Have been googling this baby too.......

Heartfelt thanks to 'T' for trusting me with your equipment, and for very generously offering it to me in the first place. You are very, very kind.

Monday, October 12, 2009

the 'A' man

This shoot was all about him.
He's a happy little man and was wonderful during the shoot. Smiles galore. He's such a joy.
There's not a lot of photos of him on his own as he's a roller. Put him down for a sec and look out, he's rolled away. So funny.
thanks guys and enjoy your sneak peek!!

lots more over on Tiff Firth Photography. Became a fan!! wink