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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thomas & Friends-Live on Stage.

Sean and I flew to Adelaide this morning to catch the Thomas & Friends Live on Stage show.

Paige picked us up from the airport and chauffeured us around to HarbourTown for a bit of a looksie. While we were there, Sean started becoming rather lethargic and not himself. When Paige dropped us off at the Entertainment Center the poor little bloke was a bit crook. At least he waited to be out of Paige's car before he let rip. Paige gave us one of those spew bags (a ring with a plastic sleeve) that you get in hospitals to take in with us, just in case. Just as well, as he did use it just the once. After that he was so much brighter and really got into the show.

The engines were really good and much bigger than I thought they would be. As no flash photography only was allowed, I tried out some different settings on the camera that I have never used before. And they worked out really really well. The only light used for the photos was the stage lights, so I am just a little bit chuffed how bright they looked.

Paige picked us up after the show and took us back to the airport and saw us off (that pic is still on my phone and I haven't got around to getting it of it yet lol).

Huge hugs and thanks to you Paige. You made a great day, bloody fantastic, esp with that natty little spew bag. And we just cant wait for next week to come around when you'll be over our way for a bit and spending some time with us.

Mwah  (blow kiss from Sean)

1 comment:

Jane said...

those photos look fantastic Tiff. wouldnt know you took them inside..they look like photos from a website or program book or something..so what was the secret??
Glad Sean was better for the show poor little mite.